Dial These Area Codes for Dollars – Slideshow

Venture capital investments have traditionally been concentrated in a handful of regions. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising to see that companies in 10 area codes accounted for the vast majority of VC investments so far this year.

But which area code calls the largest number of recently venture-backed companies home? And which secured the largest dollar amounts?

No one with any familiarity with the venture business will be surprised to see companies in Silicon Valley and its environs capturing the lion’s share of funding. But what may be unexpected is how the dollars are distributed among sub-regions, from foggy San Francisco in the North, to sunny San Jose in the South. Another surprise? The strong performance of the Boulder and Denver metro areas, home to a larger number of deals this year, as well as a larger dollar sum, than many regions with much larger populations.

In the following slideshow, we take a look at the ten area codes that have seen the largest number of venture deals this year, based on data from Thomson Reuters.

City photos courtesy of Shutterstock. Phone image courtesy of Wikipedia.

[slide title=”#10: Area Code 206″]
Coverage area: Seattle metropolitan area
Companies funded, year-to-date: 80
Capital invested, year-to-date: $3.8 billion

[slide title=”#9: Area Code 858″]
Coverage area: Northern San Diego and environs
Companies funded, year-to-date: 100
Capital invested, year-to-date: $1.36 billion

[slide title=”#8: Area Code 310″]
Coverage area: Western Los Angeles
Companies funded, year-to-date: 114
Capital invested, year-to-date:  $778 million

[slide title=”#7: Area Code 781″]
Coverage area: Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens
Companies funded, year-to-date: 119
Capital invested, year-to-date: $1.49 billion

[slide title=”#6: Area Code 303″]
Coverage area: Denver and Boulder, Colo. areas
Companies funded, year-to-date: 122
Capital invested, year-to-date: $5.3 billion

[slide title=”#5: Area Code 408″]
Coverage area: San Jose, Calif. And environs
Companies funded, year-to-date: 180
Capital invested, year-to-date: $3.4 billion

[slide title=”#4: Area Code 617″]
Coverage area: Boston
Companies funded, year-to-date: 192
Capital invested, year-to-date: $1.46 billion

[slide title=”#3: Area Code 212″]
Coverage area: Manhattan
Companies funded, year-to-date: 300
Capital invested, year-to-date: $3.1 billion

[slide title=”#2: Area Code 415″]
Coverage area: San Francisco
Companies funded, year-to-date: 325
Capital invested, year-to-date: $3.3 billion

[slide title=”#1: Area Code 650″]
Coverage area:  Covers the heart of Silicon Valley, beginning south of San Francisco and spreading in further South to Palo Alto and Mountain View, Calif.
Companies funded, year-to-date: 400
Capital invested, year-to-date: $6.3 billiion