dizmo closes Series A funding

dizmo has raised $2 million to accelerate its speed to market. The investment was made by a team of entrepreneurs, led by Ariel Luedi, CEO of e-commerce vendor hybris. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, dizmo is an inventor of a software platform.


dizmo, inventor of a ground-breaking Software Platform, today announces that it has raised $2M to accelerate its speed to market. The investment was made by a team of entrepreneurs, led by Ariel Luedi, CEO of hybris, the leading e-commerce vendor which last year was acquired by SAP.

dizmo’s patented interface technology gives users full access and control of their digital world of content, data, services and objects from any source, on any display and any platform. Think Minority Report: you walk to a touch screen and start to freely move information around with your fingertips, in the most natural and intuitive way.

Ariel Luedi comments “dizmo caught my attention as a pioneering concept and I wanted to contribute to its success. With the advent of the Internet of Things there is no question that dizmo’s time is now. It has amazing potential for a set of focused applications across all industries concerned to harvest collaboration across the new virtual and interconnected worlds. It has the power to revolutionize the living and workspace of the future, and answer the needs of these new fascinating use cases. I am excited to join the dizmo team to make it happen”.

Ariel Luedi will join dizmo’s board of directors. Ariel first supported dizmo on the community-funding platform Kickstarter, where dizmo hit its 30-day target in just two weeks and was ranked by Kickstarter’s own statistics as the Planet’s second most popular open software campaign. The team of high profile entrepreneurs who are behind the investment also include Patrick Luetjens and Francois Stauebli. The investment will accelerate the business scale-up and allow dizmo to capitalise on opportunities of the Internet of Things as it evolves.

CEO and Founder, Matthias Aebi explains: “A revolution is taking place in how we interact with the digital world. We call it the Interface of Things.” Existing user interface architectures were designed during the age of personal computing and optimized for fixed size screens, computer applications and windows-icons-menus and pointer (WIMP) type of interface devices. They have been stretched to adapt to mobile devices, touchscreen displays and smart equipment. They might still look reasonably handy on a tablet display, but they are inadequate to match the demands of digital convergence, virtual interaction and the needs of the Internet of Things, with the massive amount of content, data, services and objects to manage, from any source to any display.”

Matthias continues: “It is a great feeling when investors of this calibre believe in dizmo on our path to success and boost our ability to reach the market. I am proud of the work done by the dizmo team these last four years and excited about the get to market phase that we are now in.”

dizmo overcomes the limitations of existing user interfaces by providing users with its platform-agnostic digital whitespace. Users can freely create, instantiate, arrange, manipulate, combine and share, even remotely, any kind of digital content and services, as well as monitor and control connected physical objects.

In a home environment, imagine using your digital book of recipes to prepare your favourite dish, while following your friends on Twitter, keeping an eye on your baby monitor and the front door webcam. At the same time, you are able to follow the latest news, sport event or make a video call, all on the same touchscreen. In a work environment, the software provides any enterprise, agency and workgroup the possibility to transform the way they work, boosting the creativity of people and their ability to collaborate.

dizmo’s ‘Interface of Things’ software technology is abstracted from any proprietary underlying hardware interface technology, the type and size of displays, and the devices or equipment used. dizmo was selected by NBC Universal as being ground breaking and was premiered at their Syfy Igniters private event during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Most recently dizmo’s technology was released as a beta-software to early adopters and will be production released in July 2014.

Editor’s notes:

High-resolution screenshots, logos and headshots can be found here.

About dizmo:

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, dizmo is developed by a seasoned team of experts qualified in building innovative user interfaces, web technology and large scale back-end platforms. The core management team has more than 100 years’ experience as professionals in the IT industry, and has successfully founded several start-ups, including Internet Access AG, futureLAB Ltd and etoy.