Don’t Pitch Me, Bro

Got a black AMEX card with an extra $100k on it? Well then go over and buy, a new e-commerce company launched by Colorado entrepreneurs Andrew Hyde and Matt Emmi.

Buy it? Don’t you mean invest in it?

No, buy it. Hyde and Emmi created last week (on Twitter, no less), and are willing to sell it immediately in their version of “buy it now.” The startup sell T-shirts with VC-related sayings to venture capitalists. It’s a huge market share play (well, if you judge market share by using peHUB readers as your population).

As they explain in their pitch: 100% of venture capitalists have torsos that require shirts. Plus, they “already spend billions on things every year that are pointless, and they can’t even wear that shit.”

Here’s the pitch. Best one I’ve read in a while. And, unlike most of the others, it’s supposed to be funny.