Double Robotics Raises $250K From Grishin Robotics

Double Robotics said it raised $250,000 from Grishin Robotics. No other deal terms were available. Double Robotics is a recent Y Combinator graduate and says its $2,499 telepresence robot has $1.2 million in pre-orders, or 600 units, in the month since its launch.


Grishin Robotics invests $250,000 into Double Robotics

September 21, 2012. Grishin Robotics ( announcing today its $250,000 investment into Double Robotics ( The parties do not disclose other terms of the deal.

Double Robotics, a recent graduate from Y Combinator (, builds telepresence robots, characterized by ground-breaking price ($2,499, can be pre-ordered now for $1,999), great design, light weight and high level of simplicity – it works right “out of box” and uses iPad as a platform.

Double Robotics already has $1.2 million (600 units) in pre-orders (in one month since the launch), from 44 countries around the world. Customers include 24 universities, as well as 17 Fortune 500 companies. Since the first production run of Double has already sold out, the investment from Grishin Robotics will be spent primarily on scaling manufacturing, as well as hiringand further product development. New pre-orders will be delivered in early 2013. Engineers interested in career in Double Robotics can get in touch with the company by the e-mail

According to ABI research data, worldwide telepresence market is going to reach $13.1 billion by the end of 2016. Current customers of Double Robotics are using the product for teleconferencing, security surveillance, real estate and museum tours, healthcare, presentation purposes and many others. Telepresence is considered by industry experts as one of the most promising and will drive the personal robotics market growth into the mainstream.

“Investment in Double Robotics perfectly fits our strategy”, said Dmitry Grishin, founder of Grishin Robotics. “It is a consumer-oriented product with potential to fit a broad range of applications and has already generated strong consumer demand. It’s also important that the price of the product makes it accessible to the wide audience. In addition, the team has creative approach to design and is keen to build user-friendly products – both are very important focus areas for next-generation personal robotics companies. Double Robotics is well positioned to leverage the unique potential of the prominent telepresence robotics market. We have a great belief in Double Robotics team and its product.”

”We are thrilled to have Grishin Robotics and Dmitry Grishin, in particular, as our largest investor to date,” said David Cann, Co-founder of Double Robotics.  “We read about the new investment firm and Dmitry’s experience in the field of robotics in June 2012 when the fund was announced.  The timing was perfect, as we were just beginning the Y Combinator program with our prototype robot.  After our public launch in August, we met with Grishin Robotics and were immediately impressed with their mission and deep knowledge of the robotics industry’s past mistakes and potential future.  We look forward to working with Grishin Robotics in the years to come as we build our business.”

About Grishin Robotics
Grishin Robotics is a global investment company with a mission of advancing innovation in robotics for the mass consumer market. Grishin Robotics is focused on investing in personal robotics technologies in areas such as home maintenance, healthcare, entertainment and transportation. The firm is led by Dmitry Grishin, co-founder of Group. For more information, or to submit your company for investment consideration, visit

About Double Robotics
Double Robotics is a startup based in California that is creating the first professional grade mass market telepresence robot.  The company’s first product is called Double and has garnered tremendous interest from businesses and consumers around the world.  The company was founded by David Cann and Marc DeVidts and completed the Y Combinator program in Summer 2012.  For more information, visit