Drislane Moves to Full Time at BelHealth Investment Partners

BelHealth Investment Partners said Tuesday that Dennis Drislane, chairman of the firm’s operating committee, is now full-time. The move follows the sale of TC³ Health, where he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.


BelHealth Investment Partners LLC (“BelHealth”) today announced that Dennis Drislane, Chairman of BelHealth’s operating committee, has moved from part-time to full-time following the sale of TC³ Health, Inc., where he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
Dennis Drislane is an experienced healthcare and technology executive with more than 37 years in both large and small healthcare companies. For 24 years he worked in various senior positions at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) including three years as president of EDS’ Healthcare Strategic Business Unit. Dennis left EDS in 1997 to join Healtheon as one of the first executives at the company and helped position the company for its 1999 initial public offering. After Healtheon, Mr. Drislane has been an active board member and investor in six small healthcare companies.
Mr. Drislane served as an operating partner at HealthEdge Investment Partners between 2006 and 2011 where he was actively involved with three portfolio companies. More recently, Mr. Drislane was the Chairman and CEO of TC³ Health, a payment integrity company that focuses on the identification, prevention and recovery of healthcare overpayments. Mr. Drislane led TC³’s sale to Emdeon which was announced yesterday.
Harold S. Blue, Managing Partner, said “I have known Dennis since he was a senior executive at EDS. Dennis and I were partners at our previous healthcare buyout fund where he played a key role in three of the six portfolio companies. Dennis has deep experience in BelHealth’s targeted investment sectors including healthcare services, healthcare information technology and healthcare products and distribution and we are fortunate to have him as a full-time partner at BelHealth.”
Bert Brodsky, Chairman of BelHealth’s Advisory Board, said “I really got to know Dennis well at our previous fund. He has a strong understanding of healthcare technology but it is his ability to create and improve sales and marketing processes at small companies that sets him apart. I am very pleased to have him fully aboard.”
“BelHealth has a unique opportunity in capitalizing on the growth and changes in the healthcare sector and I am thrilled to be a part of a solid team. I have known and worked closely
with Harold and Bert for several years and I am looking forward to being a full-time private equity buyout manager” said Mr. Drislane.
About BelHealth Investment Partners
BelHealth Investment Partners is a private equity buyout firm focused exclusively on the small-cap healthcare industry. BelHealth acquires majority positions in healthcare companies that the BelHealth Team believes are undervalued or undermanaged and would benefit from the vast entrepreneurial and operating experience that BelHealth can deliver. Applying an active, hands-on approach to governance, BelHealth utilizes its experience to drive revenue and profit growth and achieve superior returns for its investors. For more information about BelHealth, please go to its website: www.BelHealth.com.