E-Band Raises $10 Million

E-Band Communications Corp., a San Diego-based developer of ultra-high capacity wireless communications systems for the 70/80 GHz E-band spectrum, has raised $10 million in Series B funding led by Reliance Technology Ventures, the corporate VC arm of the Reliance ADA Group. Other participants included ADC Telecommunications, Express Ventures, Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Investec and a “major wireless carrier.”


E-Band Communications Corporation (EBCC), developer of ultra-high capacity millimeter-wave wireless transmission systems, has raised $10 million in its Series B financing Round. Reliance Technology Ventures Limited (RTVL), the corporate venture capital arm of the Reliance ADA Group, led the round which included investment from ADC Telecommunications, Express Ventures, Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc., Investec and a major wireless carrier.


“E-band is a technology whose time has come,” said CEO and co-founder of E-Band Communications, Sam Smookler. “Uniquely capable of delivering gigabits of bandwidth over the air, E-band is positioned to satisfy numerous high-speed broadband network and access applications. Our newly developed proprietary integrated chipset utilizing leading-edge gallium arsenide high-speed processes enables us to bring the highest performance products to market at the most cost-effective price point that will open up new opportunities for our customers and for us. The team at E-Band Communications Corporation is delighted to have the support of such a world class group of investors.”


E-Band Communications Corporation develops and sells multi-gigabit capacity wireless technology to customers including wireless service providers, carriers, next generation service providers, government and enterprises.


“The 70/80 GHz millimeter-wave spectrum, in which we operate, enables E-Band to reach fiber-equivalent wireless transmission speeds ranging from 1 Gigabit per second up to 10 Gigabits per second,” said Saul Umbrasas, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “With the growing adoption of pure IP networks and wireless broadband technologies such as WiMAX and 4th Generation cellular technologies, E-Band wireless systems will be used to concentrate and backhaul the vast amounts of digital IP-based wireless traffic and serve as a substitute for fiber in last mile metropolitan access networks.”


About E-Band

E-Band Communications Corporation (EBCC) develops and markets ultra-high capacity wireless communications systems for the 70/80 GHz E-band spectrum. Our products use leading-edge RF MMIC technology and provide best-in-class link performance. Our multi-gigabit capacity products address the requirements of carriers, enterprise, government, and Internet service providers building cost-efficient, wireless IP networks. We provide solutions for interconnection and backhaul of 4G, WiMAX, mobile networks, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and remote radio heads (RRH), in addition to the traditional Gigabit Ethernet access, last mile access, fiber backup, and network extension applications. Learn more about E-Band Communications at www.e-band.com