EachScape Appoints Marci Weisler as COO

EachScape, a drag & drop platform for creating and managing high end mobile applications has appointed Marci Weisler as COO. The start-up closed a $3 million in series A funding in January with GrandBanks Capital, Contour Venture Partners and NYC Seed.


We all know that cost, time-to-market, and fragmentation continue to plague mobile publishers. Just last week, at Gartner’s Mobile Strategy Seminar in Johannesburg, Research VP Leif-Olof Wallin warned developers and businesses to expect fragmentation and to adapt (mobile) applications accordingly.1 Today, EachScape, Inc., a powerful drag & drop platform for creating and managing high end mobile applications, announced it is significantly augmenting efforts to address these issues, with the appointment of Marci Weisler as COO. With its recent close of $3 million in series A funding, and the addition of a third Vindigo executive to the team, the company is “bringing the band back together” for another revolutionary push in mobile — this time in mobile apps.

“I invested in Vindigo 10 years ago where we put mapping and geo-location based services firmly in the hands of the mobile user,” said Bob Greene, Managing Partner of Contour Venture Partners. “We’re going to do it again with EachScape. EachScape is moving out from under the radar into acceleration mode and there’s no one who can do it better than Marci, with her incredible talents and networks.”

2012: The Year for Expansion

Working exclusively with large global enterprises, EachScape transforms enterprises into mobile app powerhouses – empowering them to build highly customized apps like developers, with no coding required.

“We’re at a tipping point in the mobile app community,” said Ludo Collin, CEO of EachScape. “EachScape is the bridge that publishers, agencies and brands cross to reach all devices, operating systems and rich media; not just to deliver any old app — but to create innovative and engaging experiences using features like augmented reality, push notification, and social video chat. I look forward to working with Marci once again to advance our growth, help us add even more sophisticated features and capabilities that transcend device and bandwidth fragmentation, and continuously broaden our offerings to the marketplace.”

Businesses like E! entertainment with popular apps like The Soup and Fashion Police, already rely on and trust EachScape for delivering the guidance and the tools they need to create, deploy, and manage some of the most beautiful, engaging and powerful apps used around the world.

“As a two-time client and then advisor of EachScape, one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t fight fate,” said Marci Weisler, COO of EachScape. “Joining my colleagues once more to disrupt mobile was a no-brainer.”

As a digital and mobile app industry vet from Vindigo, Time Out North America and Prodigy, Marci Weisler has cultivated a long-standing career in marketing, business development and technology. More recently, she provided digital strategy and execution to a number of companies including Gilt, Gigya, and Kellogg’s and is an advisor to early stage startups like MoxieQ and RAREculture. As an early member of the Mobile Marketing Association, Marci was instrumental in helping to set standards for mobile advertising. Currently, Marci is a mentor for Women Innovate Mobile (WIM), the first startup accelerator and mentorship-driven program designed for women-founded companies in mobile technology.

Conquering Fragmentation for Enterprises

Fragmentation (at every level) is the biggest challenge facing mobile publishers today as they must support multiple code bases, screen sizes, video formats, and more. EachScape solves the fragmentation issue by generating native apps across operating systems (iOS, Android, HTML5, Google TV), across screens (Phone, Tablets, Interactive TV), across images (resizing), and across videos (transcoding). EachScape’s sophisticated drag-and-drop interface enables the creation of customized applications without the restrictions of templates.

About EachScape:

Launched in 2009, EachScape is an open, powerful drag & drop environment for creating and managing high-end mobile applications without the use of templates. EachScape utilizes component “Blocks” to build and allow full customization of app functionality without any limitations. EachScape currently generates apps for iOS, Android, GoogleTV, and HTML5. Based in New York City, EachScape was founded by experienced mobile experts Ludo Collin and Bob Fitterman.