EDF Ventures Explains Itself

Interesting conversation yesterday with Mike DeVries, a managing director with EDF Ventures. For those who didn’t read yesterday’s post, EDF has subpoenaed TheFunded.com to learn the identity of a poster who printed some unflattering comments about the firm.

DeVries says his main complaint is not that the supposed entrepreneur dislikes EDF, but that he lied in his comment. Specifically, the commenter wrote: “Worked with these people on several deals…” The problem, DeVries says, is that EDF has not ever done multiple deals with the same entrepreneur.

I asked DeVries about why EDF thinks it can get the identifying info, given that TheFunded does not record such data. He declined to answer, saying he’d rather talk about it in the near future. Maybe a stall. Maybe he knows something I don’t.

“We’re just interested in the facts behind what was stated,” he said.

Also worth noting that our talk concluded with DeVries saying: “We think TheFunded provides a good service for entrepreneurs.”