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Buyouts Editorial Calendar

To be a key player in the constantly changing world of private equity, you need to think big. That’s why year after year, so many of the industry’s top firms count on Buyouts to provide an exclusive and targeted audience for their advertising needs. Reach top market players and reap the rewards by aligning your brand with the most trusted source in the industry. With 86% of our readers influencing or making decisions on behalf of their firms, you can be sure your message hits your mark. And it won’t fall on deaf ears; 81% report reading the ads throughout Buyouts, so your brand will be recognized and remembered. Questions? Reach Bob Raidt at rraidt@buyoutsinsider.com, Lindsey Wolf at lwolf@buyoutsinsider.com or shoot an email to advertisinginfo@buyoutsinsider.com.

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VCJ Editorial Calendar

VCJ has been covering venture capital longer than any other publication and is well positioned to deliver your message to decision-makers, who make up 85% of our subscribers. Since 1961, VCJ has been an indispensable resource for the venture capital community.  The magazine has been recognized for its high-quality editorial by being honored in the Western Publications Association’s annual Maggie Awards. In June 2015, VCJ won two awards from Specialized Information Publishers Association, including first place in the category of Best Financial/Investing Interpretative or Analytical Reporting. More insightful than the competition, VCJ gives its readers the exhaustive news, intriguing analysis and proprietary data they need to make smart investment decisions and navigate the challenges of the complex venture business. Questions? Contact Bob Raidt at rraidt@buyoutsinsider.com, Lindsey Wolf at lwolf@buyoutsinsider.com or shoot an email to advertisinginfo@buyoutsinsider.com.

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