EFactor Launches in India

EFactor, an entrepreneurial community, is to launch EFactor India in collaboration with Indian venture capital firm IncuCapital. EFactor India will launch a series of initiatives to generate increased networking opportunities to give local entrepreneurs access to a greater network of experts, advisors, potential clients, talent and funding sources. EFactor is headquartered in San Francisco and has close to one million members in 185 countries across 90 industries.


EFactor, Inc, the world’s largest entrepreneurial community, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with IncuCapital to launch EFactor in India. EFactor India will launch a series of activities and initiatives to generate increased online and offline networking opportunities to help local entrepreneurs have access to a greater network of experts, advisors, potential clients, talent and funding sources.

In commenting on the agreement with EFactor, Kris Nair, Senior Partner of IncuCapital, said, “EFactor is the only networking community focused on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are very happy to bring them to India and integrate them with our strong local entrepreneurial team. This strategic partnership is a prime example of what we refer to as an Inbound Venturing practice where we help launch foreign companies in India.”

Marion Freijsen, Co-founder and COO of EFactor, noted, “After building a community of over one million members globally, we are now turning our sights on key areas of the world in which there is tremendous opportunity to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. This includes India as well as China and other countries throughout Europe. As companies develop their global presence, they will need to connect with suppliers, customers, and talent everywhere that they plan to do business, tapping into the best opportunities available to them.”

Adrie Reinders, Co-founder and CEO of EFactor, commented, “We are very pleased to be launching in India and working with two very bright local entrepreneurs who understand the needs and interests of the local market. This market is ripe with growth opportunities and offers an environment of eager entrepreneurs who are looking for the tools and information they need to succeed.”

EFactor is already actively developing and launching initiatives directed at the entrepreneurial community in India. These will include both an online community, including resources, knowledge, and social networking and offline events and meet-ups designed to bring more entrepreneurs together in India. These initiatives are designed to provide additional opportunities to connect with potential partners, investors, vendors, mentors and team members on a local and global platform.

About IncuCapital
IncuCapital is a Venture Capital firm in India that oversees early stage incubation and funding. It is a member of IndiaCo Ventures Ltd., a BSE-listed Private Equity player in India. The firm’s value creation process is inherited from its long lineage through IndiaCo, which has proven to deliver superior returns through the same hybrid business model. IncuCapital’s team is entrepreneurial in nature and works with likeminded companies, partnering with many peer funding organizations like Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels and other Venture Capital firms. For more information, please visit www.incucapital.com.

About EFactor
EFactor, the world’s largest entrepreneurial community, provides its members with the people, tools, marketing and expertise to succeed and make real, trustworthy, and lasting connections. At the core of EFactor are four pillars that provide knowledge, funding access, tools to reduce business costs, and business development connections delivered through a unique mix of an online social networking structure and offline domestic and international events and meet-ups. EFactor has close to one million members in 185 countries across 90 industries. It is incorporated and headquartered in San Francisco.