EndPlay Attracts Additional Funds

EndPlay, a provider of content management delivered in the cloud, has attracted additional funding from management and existing investors, VantagePoint Capital Partners and Advanced Technology Ventures. This brings total financing for the company to $21.5 million.


EndPlay, Inc., a leading SaaS provider of content management, engagement and monetization solutions delivered in the cloud, today announced that the company’s most recent round of funding from management and existing investors, VantagePoint Capital Partners and Advanced Technology Ventures, brings total financing to $21.5 million.

“EndPlay’s robust platform allows any organization to cost-effectively create, manage and monetize digital content,” said Tom Bevilacqua, Managing Director, VantagePoint Capital Partners. “As the creation and monetization of digital content have become a priority, whether the content is delivered online, through mobile devices or social media, EndPlay allows its customers to unlock tremendous value by addressing this need.”

As EndPlay extends its presence in the U.S. and European markets, the capital will be used to accelerate its product line and the development of world-class solutions to transform the way media companies develop, distribute and monetize complex, content-rich information via EndPlay’s proprietary content lifecycle management platform.

“Content is no longer created nor consumed via one specific medium and EndPlay recognizes the need to optimize for both sides of the equation — content creation and content consumption — in our multichannel world,” said Steve Baloff, General Partner, Advanced Technology Ventures. “Through developing a scalable, cloud-based solution, EndPlay meets its clients’ current and future needs.”

“This additional capital will drive the company’s fast-cycle product innovation and expansion,” said Dr. Christos M. Cotsakos, Founding Chairman, CEO and President, EndPlay. “We are seeing significant demand for the EndPlay platform, and with continued leadership and strategic partners across the United States and EMEA, we are poised to impact global audiences through our next generation content management, engagement and monetization solutions.”

EndPlay’s proprietary cloud-based platform is specifically designed for real-time content creation and multiple-device distribution to maximize audience engagement and monetization opportunities. EndPlay offers industry-tailored packages to cater to the market-specific needs of today’s leading digital players, including media, broadcast and entertainment, and CPG brands and retailers.

About EndPlay

EndPlay is a leading provider of SaaS Content Management, Engagement and Monetization solutions delivered in the cloud. Powered by its unique ‘Intelligent Rendering’ technology, EndPlay’s end-to-end Platform provides a streamlined user experience that empowers clients to seamlessly produce, manage and instantly deliver content optimized for virtually any device. The company’s extensible architecture and integrated partners ensure EndPlay clients can expand, engage, monetize and leverage their content management solution against the complexities facing all brands in the era of Big Data and Quantum Content.

Enterprise clients in media, entertainment and consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail verticals have turned to EndPlay’s experienced Client Services team to support collaboration, implementation and optimization of their EndPlay solutions. EndPlay’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach enable clients to stay ahead of their competition, increase audience engagement, and future-proof their digital business investment.

EndPlay is headquartered in Los Angeles, with a regional office in Palm Beach Gardens, and is currently establishing regional offices in Boston, Dallas, San Francisco and Seattle.