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Energy 1 joins Forces with Nuemark

Boca Raton-based Energy 1 Corporation has secured funding from an unnamed private equity firm to put its ExhausTek technology on the road. The company has also entered into an agreement with The Nuemark Group, a financial communications and consulting firm as a part of its commitment to transparency.


Energy 1 Corporation EGOC +36.36% is pleased to announce the Board of Directors has approved a plan and resolved to move forward with a Private Equity firm in a definitive agreement for acquisition of Common Stock in Energy 1 Corporation.

The capital infusion will be utilized to integrate the ExhausTek & IonTek product lines into newly acquired equipment, which will then be leased or sold through our exclusive agreement with Master Lease, Inc. The ExhausTek is the world’s first Vortex Field Ionizer (VFI) for emission reduction, replacing two alternative components, the diesel particulate matter filter (DPF) and a NOx trap. Using the IonTek, either alone or in part with the ExhausTek, improves performance, reduces emissions and increases fuel economy.

In correlation with the plan approved and resolved by the Board of Directors we have entered into an agreement with The Nuemark Group, LLC, a full service Financial Communications and Consulting firm. “Bringing Nuemark on as our firm is a major part of our commitment to transparency and the emphasis on growth that this plan provides,” said E1 Chairman, Mr. Brown after the execution of the Board resolution.

About The Nuemark Group, LLC

The Nuemark Group, LLC is about capital growth via research, procedures, steps, and processes involved in successful small cap enterprises by providing solutions to investors, media publishers and client-corporations. “Our mission is to structure relationships between an immense international demographic of active investors seeking opportunities and publicly traded companies who seek those very investors.”

About Energy 1 Corporation

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, E1 is a manufacturer of fuel efficiency and emission reduction solutions for retrofit on diesel powered equipment.