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Energy investor KERN Partners rebrands as Azimuth Capital

KERN Partners, a Canadian energy private equity firm, has changed its name to Azimuth Capital Management. It said the name Azimuth, a navigation term, is intended to reinforce its commitment to “navigating the dynamic energy environment.” Calgary-based Azimuth has $1.6 billion of assets under direct management and an additional $1.7 billion of commitments in a co-investment program. Co-founded in 2000 by Managing Partner Jeff van Steenbergen and Pentti Karkkainen, who stepped down from his management role in 2014, the firm has a team of 18 professionals. Earlier this month, Azimuth invested in Kaisen Energy Corp, a Canadian heavy oil producer.


KERN Group changes name to Azimuth Capital Management

CALGARY, Nov. 26, 2015 /CNW/ – In recognition of the growth and evolution of our organization, we are pleased to announce a change of our name to Azimuth Capital Management. Over the past 15 years, the company has evolved from a focused financial advisory firm to one of the leading energy sector private equity managers in Canada. With the ongoing commitments of our limited partners, Azimuth now has $1.6 billion of assets under direct management and an additional $1.7 billion of commitments in a unique co-investment program. The change in name is intended to reinforce our commitment to working closely with our limited partners and portfolio companies in navigating the dynamic energy environment.

Azimuth is a term in navigation defined as an angular measurement to align with an object or location. The world’s early explorers used Polaris, the North Star, along with the azimuth as a reference to lead and navigate to new opportunity. At Azimuth, successfully navigating energy is what we do.

Azimuth is a differentiated team of 18 professionals with operating, executive leadership, financial and legal experience in Canadian and global energy. The team is complemented by an engaged and experienced independent advisory board.

For further information: on Azimuth is available on the Company’s website or by contacting: Jeff van Steenbergen, Managing Partner, Phone: 403-517-1511, Email:; Dave Pearce, Deputy Managing Partner, Phone: 403-517-1539, Email:; Azimuth Capital Management, Centennial Place East, Suite 3110, 520 – 3rd Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R3

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