Enovation Partners acquires Cleantech Group

Enovation Partners has acquired Cleantech Group, a network for developing sustainable innovations in energy. No financial terms were disclosed.


We’re happy to announce that Enovation Partners, LLC, has acquired Cleantech Group, the leading global network for developing sustainable innovations in energy and beyond.

Cleantech has moved rapidly from an aspirational set of technologies and business models to a foundation of strategy planning and innovation across industries. Since 2002, when it coined “cleantech,” Cleantech Group has been at the forefront of new energy technology commercialization. Its successful efforts to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate venture groups, through its well known events and its i3 Connect platform, have been instrumental in accelerating cleantech’s drive into the economy.

Combining those strengths with Enovation’s strategic advisory capabilities is a natural extension of both groups’ missions. The combination offers a new level of interaction and intelligence to Enovation’s utility, energy, and private equity clients. And, as investment in sustainable technologies and the rate of customer adoption continue to progress, together we will offer high-quality services for an international network of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, energy companies, and other industrials.

The joining of the two groups also reflects some fundamental changes in consulting, as clients become increasingly focused on innovation for growth and expect their advisor to offer exceptional industry connectivity and specialized expertise.

The Cleantech Group assets are being acquired by an Enovation Partners, LLC, subsidiary, which will continue Cleantech Group’s brand and identity. Richard Youngman, former managing director of Europe and Asia activities at Cleantech, is the incoming Cleantech Group CEO. The expanded group will maintain offices in Chicago, Boston, London, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

About Cleantech Group (www.cleantech.com)
Cleantech Group connects sustainable innovation, finance, and corporate support in several ways.

Its events in North America and Europe are the premier intelligence and networking events for corporates, investors, start-ups, and government officials. Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2016 takes place January 25-27. Cleantech Forum Europe 2016 takes place in Lyon, France, April 11-13. The San Francisco Forum will see the release of the group’s annual Global Cleantech 100 and Award Winners—the top private innovation companies in clean technology. (If you are interested in attending, we can offer you an “Enovation” discount.)

The group’s online i3 Connect subscription platform allows corporates, venture capitalists, investors, economic development agencies, and universities to find and vet start-ups, list targets, and connect directly with start-up decision makers. Subscribers gain access to proprietary intelligence on 24,000+ companies in (among other areas) energy efficiency, energy storage, smart grid, solar, water, and urban growth.

About Enovation Partners (www.enovationpartners.com)
Established in 2013, Enovation works with utilities, midstream, new ventures, suppliers, investors, and customers to drive innovation and growth in the energy industry. Enovation’s team includes top-tier strategy consultants and former industry executives, energy investors, regulators, and developers.

Enovation focuses on strategy in the context of the exponential growth of distributed energy and related technologies, and the historic and disruptive effects of technological and financial innovation in renewables and natural gas.

Its work includes business model innovation, helping utilities and power producers accelerate investment and commercialize new technologies and launch progressive business approaches. In distributed energy resources, Enovation has developed ground-breaking cost-comparison benchmarking for storage technologies and applications, as well as tools to locate DER opportunities and threats for utilities, developers, and large energy users. The group also works with natural gas utilities using advanced analytics to reduce risk and improve productivity in pipeline construction, leak detection and O&M.