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EoPlex Adds $4 Million

EoPlex Technologies, a Redwood City, Calif.-based advanced materials company that makes miniature devices to generate, harvest and manage energy, has raised $4 million in Series C-2 funding. The total round now stands at $12 million. ATA Ventures led the expansion, and was joined by fellow return backers Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Labrador Ventures and Draper Richards.


EoPlex Technologies today disclosed new funding to build its first full-scale production plant. The company had previously announced its Series C funding of $8 million in 2007. That round was lead by ATA Ventures with the backing of all current investors, including Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Labrador Ventures and Draper-Richards. The current increase raises this by an additional $4 million, bringing the total for the C-round to $12 million.

According to Arthur L. Chait, EoPlex CEO, the additional funding is being used to build a production plant for the manufacture of state-of-the-art cell phone antennas. “Modern cell phones have two types of antennas: main antennas that connect to the cell phone network and ancillary antennas that link to services such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Wi-Lan, TV, etc. As cell phones continue to expand in services, yet shrink in size, the demand has increased for small, integrated antennas. The industry has been shifting from metal antennas to complex ceramic-metal antennas where the dielectric properties of the ceramic provide better performance in a smaller package.”

Manufacturing these antennas requires the ability to combine complex ceramic and metal structures in a tiny, monolithic part, and to create features such as buried conductors, voids and different dielectric materials in separate parts of the structure. This must be done at low cost. “All of these requirements are a perfect match for the EoPlex process,” continued Chait. “We see the opportunity to supply the cell phone industry with the capability to manufacture small and very unique designs at low cost and high volume. Our board wanted to move quickly on this opportunity and, therefore, the decision was made to increase the C-round.”

EoPlex is building the new facility in the space adjacent to its present location in Redwood City. Construction has already begun and the new facility is expected to be ISO9001 certified and in production by Q4 of this year.

About EoPlex Technologies, Inc.

EoPlex Technologies, Inc. produces components using innovative deposition techniques based on custom printing equipment and proprietary “inks” that carry ceramic, metallic or polymer materials to millions of locations. This allows the manufacture of components with integrated chambers, channels, sensors, circuits, reactors, energy scavengers and other features. Many parts are created simultaneously in large panels and the only tooling required is low-cost printing masks. The company is currently using this technology to develop products in markets that include: energy harvesters to replace batteries, micropumps, fuel cell parts, RF devices, thermal devices and fluidic components. EoPlex is a privately held company based in Redwood City, California. For more information, visit