Evan Pilz: The Champ Sounds Off

Today’s peHUBlogger Network column comes from Evan Pilz, Champion, peHUB.com 2011 International NCAA March Madness Pool.

First, I would like to thank peHUB Wire for organizing another great NCAA tournament pool. It is always fun for me to have an opportunity to put my bracket up against those of a large group of fans, especially when they are mostly Americans who probably watch way more college ball than I do as a Canadian, where cable providers do not offer the 10 ESPN channels that most of you probably get.

As for naming me a “Basketball Genius,” I think correctly picking 40 of 63 games hardly qualifies me for that title, even if it put me at the top of the pack in this case, and a quick peek at my performance in my NBA pool would result in me being stripped of that title. Fortunately, UConn lived up to my expectations (except for that ugly final game) and this year’s bracket-busting tourney was a thrilling one to watch, especially compared to the not-so-thrilling performance of my hometown Raptors this season.

The firm where I work, Q1 Capital Partners, is one of the leading boutique investment banks for companies in Canada’s technology sector, for whom we raise capital and carry out M&A mandates. Although all of our clients are private Canadian tech companies, we work with investors and strategic acquirers from all over the world. We have strong relationships with many venture capital and private equity firms as well as with many large and mid-sized tech companies with whom we have worked on a variety of transactions.

We are based in Toronto, which is home to a thriving and dynamic tech sector. The city is fast becoming a national hub for the mobile and social networking revolutions that are currently taking shape (it was once referred to as the social media capital of the world and it is a top ten Twitter city) and fosters an innovative start-up community. Canada, in general, is a fantastic environment for tech companies given our livable cities, accessible and high quality education system, competitive tax rates, and generous research and development credits. Don’t believe me? Just ask Google, which last week announced its fourth Canadian acquisition in the past year with the $25 million purchase of PushLife.

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Further, if you are interested in learning more about the transactions on which we are currently working, our prior transactions, or the Canadian tech sector, please feel free to get in touch. I look forward to schooling you all in the art of the tourney bracket again next year!