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Steve Young to PE pros: Huddle, embrace competition

Sharing wisdom gleaned as a senior executive at HGGC after his years as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Steve Young told private equity pros to huddle, embrace change and challenge themselves to find out how good they can be.


What to offer your LP

For some LPs it’s crucial to avoid any appearance of impropriety. That means refusing lavish gifts, and it could extend as far as turning down a cup of coffee.


5 tips to make breaking into PE easier

Breaking into private equity can be tough. The firms are highly selective, interviews are rigorous and there’s a lot of competition. Here are some tips to help ease the process.

job applicant

How to break into private equity

The big topic at the Columbia Business School Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference last week didn’t concern LBOs or Dell’s $24.4 billion take-private. Getting a job in PE was a major issue facing MBA students.


10 tips to keep your private equity career on track

Let’s say you’re an associate at a buyout shop, and you’re itching to move up the career ladder. How do you do it? How do you send that unmistakable, unspoken message to the partners that you’ll be one of them one day?

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