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Food and beverage company Powerful rakes in $4 mln

Miami-based Powerful, a maker of all-natural, high-protein foods and beverages, has raised a total of $4 million in funding. River Hollow Partners was the lead investor.


MIAMI (Nov. 7, 2017) – Powerful, a pioneer food and beverage company offering all-natural, high-protein products for active lifestyles, has raised a total of $4 million dollars in Series B and ABL funding as it expands into additional product categories and continues its impressive growth in the burgeoning market of high-protein products. The funding was led by River Hollow Partners, a lower mid-market private equity firm focused on consumer and retail brands in the natural products space. The company has also secured ABL financing through a partnership with Gerber Finance, a leading asset-based lending financial company with headquarters in New York City.

Powerful launched in 2013 with the first Greek yogurt designed for men and the first black packaging in the dairy aisle. Four short years later, the company’s insurgent approach has grown Powerful into a multi-category active lifestyles brand for men and women, with product in 10,000 U.S. stores. The current line includes Powerful Yogurt, Powerful Drinks and Powerful Oatmeal, all of which are high in protein and made with natural ingredients. The company’s products are available at leading retailers such as Walmart, Target, Stop n’ Shop and Shoprite, as well as Amazon and the company’s website. On its own website, Powerful offers a unique subscription model where customers can create a custom recurring product bundle at a discounted price.

“The idea of a dairy product designed with active men in mind was a very controversial concept to many. It completely disrupted the dairy category and put us in the spotlight, but most importantly, it proved very successful,” says Carlos Ramirez, founder and CEO of Powerful. “Since then, the opportunities for our high-protein, great-tasting offerings have expanded greatly as a broad range of consumers look to incorporate high-protein products into their diets, creating a significant and growing marketplace for our current and soon-to-be introduced products,” he adds.

River Hollow is Powerful’s first institutional investment partner. The new funding will further support product development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing as the company continues to innovate and solidify its position as a leader in the high-protein food and beverage marketplace.

“We partnered with Powerful because it is uniquely poised for success,” says Charlie Baynes-Reid of River Hollow Partners. “Not only have they truly been an industry disruptor with innovative products, but they have a seasoned and passionate management team with an extremely clear brand mission and vision. You typically see new companies come in and try to create their own niche specialty, but what Powerful has done really makes a significant impact through disruption in an already successful category, and that is something l saw as very compelling as a private equity partner.”

Powerful has plans in place to continue its rapid expansion with the introduction of new products to meet both consumer and retailer demand. The company has become known among retail buyers as a fast-moving, quick-to-innovate partner that can attract Millennial and health-conscious consumers to new store aisles.

“We are thrilled to be working with River Hollow and Gerber Finance because they are as passionate as we are and thus ideal strategic partners and investors in our business,” Ramirez concludes. “The capital provided gives us the additional resources we will use to reach our ambitious goals as we continue to expand the product offerings and increase our footprint in the U.S. and beyond.” To learn more about Powerful, its products and where to purchase, visit

About Powerful
Powerful is a leading manufacturer and marketer of all-natural, high-protein foods and beverages designed for men and women pursuing an active lifestyle. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Miami, the team is led by founder and CEO Carlos Ramirez. Powerful products are high in protein, great tasting and made with natural ingredients. Powerful launched with a lineup of high protein Greek yogurts before launching the Powerful Yogurt Drink in 2015. In 2016 the company launched Powerful Oatmeal, its high protein, instant oatmeal line. Known as a disruptor in the food industry, the company’s products are now available at 10,000 supermarkets, including Walmart, Target, Stop n’ Shop, Shoprite, Giant and many more. Powerful products are also available online at Amazon and the company’s website. For more information, visit

About River Hollow Partners
River Hollow Partners, founded in 2013, is a lower mid-market private equity firm focused on “better for you” consumer products and retail brands that improve the lives of their customers. They make growth equity and LBO investments up to $100MM. Details on the firm and portfolio can be found at For more information, please contact Susan Quinn at

About Gerber Finance
Gerber Finance Inc. is a boutique Asset Based and Trade Finance lender located in NYC with a focus on service. Founded in 1995, Gerber has spent the last two decades helping importers, distributors, service providers and manufacturers grow. Typically, growing companies experience cash flow issues, but Gerber’s services help bridge the gap in the trade cycle, allowing companies to accelerate their growth. Often, Gerber’s clients are seasonal and need a lender who can assist with an inventory build. While many lenders try to fit a client’s needs into their box, Gerber’s credit philosophy is designed to meet the individual needs of business, taking into account specifics such as trade cycles, seasonality, customer base and the character of management. They build the box around the client’s needs, not theirs. Gerber believes the management is the most important factor in any credit and spends a great deal of time getting to know its clients on a personal level. With a niche in the natural product industry, Powerful is a natural fit for the Gerber portfolio. Learn more at