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Former BSMB Pro Launching Moxie Capital

Starting a brand new consumer sector-focused buyout firm in this market would take some real courage. Boldness. Guts. Moxie, even.

I can only assume that’s the inspiration behind Bodil Arlander’s new effort, Moxie Capital. The San Franscisco-based outfit got its start in January of this year. No formal fundraising effort has launched to date, but the firm has looked at a few deals already, passing on one because it was too small, a source said.

Arlander declined to comment on the early stage effort via email.

As a founding partner at Bear Stearns Merchant Banking, Arlander led the firm through successful exits in consumer products companies such as New York & Co., a women’s apparel retailer which the firm made 12x its money on. The firm’s retail arm made a filthy 80x its money on its investment in teen apparel chain Aeropostale.

Arlander left the firm with no stated plans around a year ago, after the collapse of Bear Stearns but before the firm’s private equity arm struck out on its own under the name Irving Place Capital. Also making an exit during the Bear Stearns shakeup was Chief Operating Officer Gwyneth Ketterer, who left the firm to teach at Columbia University’s Business School.

Arlander teamed up with Lauren Cooks Levitan, a former research analyst with Cowen & Co., to launch the firm.