Fred Wilson is Feeling Old Today

Just surfing around, and happened across venture capitalist Fred Wilson’s blog, where he writes candidly today about not knowing nearly as much about the Web as Union Square Ventures’ two junior investment pros, and how heavily he depends on his kids to keep him up on cutting-edge technologies and trends. “When they are gone from our home, I’ll lose that connection. And that’s not too far away, unfortunately.”

Of course, Wilson also talks about the flip side of getting older, being the “VC who brings experience to the equation.” At 47, Wilson says he doesn’t relish the idea of being that guy at this point in his life, but the upside is knowing how to avoid certain things, like having to shut down your venture firm. (As many in the industry will remember, Wilson’s first fund, Flatiron Partners, was ultimately reigned in and wound down by its sole backer, J.P. Morgan Partners, owing to crummy timing and some disappointing investments, including a wireless gadget called Modo and The Industry Standard magazine).

Fred, for what it’s worth, I understand completely what it’s like to wake up feeling old, if not necessarily more sage. Not only do I have to rely on a 16-year-old cousin for some of my business intelligence, but last week, I nearly threw out my back picking up a blueberry off the floor. Some new developments, I could live without.