Fulcrum IT buys PTR Group

Fulcrum IT Services said Feb. 5 that it has acquired The PTR Group. Financial terms weren’t announced. PTR Group, of Ashburn, Virginia, is an engineering services company. Fulcrum IT is a portfolio company of Boyne Capital Partners and Grindstone Partners.


CENTREVILLE, VA, February 5, 2018—Fulcrum IT Services, LLC today announced that it has acquired The PTR Group, a provider of innovative software engineering, cyber security, real-time and embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT) engineering, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Machine to Machine (M2) engineering solutions. The acquisition expands Fulcrum’s growth in the Research and Development (R&D) and Intelligence markets to include Cyber Operations and Research, Satellite and Robotic Control Software Engineering and Embedded Development. The purchase reinforces Fulcrum’s commitment to providing pivotal performance to its clients leveraging leading edge solutions.

The PTR Group strengthens Fulcrum’s intelligence business and expands Fulcrum’s client portfolio including direct support to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the Naval Research Laboratory and NASA providing real-time and distributed system technologies and software for military and space applications.

The acquisition bolsters Fulcrum’s innovative technology support to our clients on evolving platforms leveraging emerging technology. Fulcrum CEO Jeff Handy said, “This acquisition expands Fulcrum’s Cyber capabilities and solidifies Fulcrum’s entry into the R&D markets complementing a mindset of innovative concepts and solutions to support cutting edge mission requirements”. As thought leaders both Fulcrum and PTR strive to stay on top of emerging technologies that can advance capabilities and change outcomes in support of our client’s objectives.

The PTR Group CEO and co-Founder Dean Thompson added, “Fulcrum’s success in deploying innovative solutions, support to the warfighter and rapidly expanding business provide PTR employees an environment to impact a wider set of clients and their requirements. Fulcrum provides access to clients like the U.S. Special Operations Command, Military Intelligence organizations and the Army’s Night Vision Labs where PTR’s capabilities are extremely relevant”.

About Fulcrum
Fulcrum is a leading technology company based in Centreville, Virginia that provides pivotal solutions and services primarily for federal customers in the defense, intelligence, education and healthcare sectors leveraging Software and Systems Development, Cloud Computing, Data Management, CyberSecurity, Data Fusion, and Advanced Technology and Research. Fulcrum provides expert solutions in the areas of Healthcare & Human Capital, Technology Services, Cyber Security, Intelligence Analysis & Operations, and Mission Systems. At Fulcrum we know success depends on high level performance. For more information about Fulcrum, visit our website at www.FulcrumCo.com, e-mail us at info@FulcrumCo.com, or call us at 703-543-2900.

About PTR Group The PTR Group is an engineering services company specializing in embedded, real time and distributed system technologies. These technologies are the backbone of most modern industrial, portable, network and communication systems and are used in virtually every industry worldwide. Our service offerings include software development, prototype development, consulting, and training to assist commercial companies and government agencies in realizing their embedded device development needs.