Gagarin Capital expands team with new appointment

Gagarin Capital, an AI-focused venture firm, has named Anastasia Shvetsova as a partner of external communications. Shvetsova is the founder and CEO of M&A PR Studio.


NOVEMBER 14, LISBON —M&A PR Studio founder and CEO Anastasia Shvetsova today announced that she has been named partner of external communications at Gagarin Capital, the VC firm specializing in AI. Despite being only 26, Shvetsova has already been dubbed one of the 50 most influential women in blockchain, and one of five women working to change the world of crypto by The Next Web. This news not only adds to her impressive resume, particularly given her young age, but represents a step towards closing the VC gender gap.

Only nine out of the 100 top VC partners worldwide are women, according to data from the New York Times and CB Insights, while three-quarters of U.S. firms don’t have any female partners. Though Eastern Europe and Russia are known to have a large number of women in top management positions, it is rare for them to be in VC.

Shvetsova has established herself as one of the most trusted public relations and communications professionals in the industry, having worked with web giants such as Facebook, WeWork, PayPal, Houzz, HotelTonight and more. Previously, she was Head of Communications at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design, as well as a former journalist with Forbes Magazine (now she is a regular contributor to Forbes). She also runs the biggest nonprofit tech conference in Russia.

With Shvetsova based in Portugal, Gagarin will be able to continue expanding its presence in Europe. Gagarin’s portfolio companies there, such as Prisma and WinMill, have already been excelling thanks to her support and expertise. AI-driven videogame coach GOSU raised $1.9 million, while data-driven urban farming technology iFarm was named a finalist for the Europas Awards. Thanks to Shvetsova, Gagarin has also been actively supporting women in tech, such as GOSU’s Alisa Chumachenko, who was named one of the Top 100 Women In Tech In Europe.

“It’s no secret that AI is on pace to transform a long list of industries. Gagarin stands out because it’s been able to build and support a strong community of AI experts, and truly acts as a partner to its investments,” Shvetsova said. “I’m thrilled to come on-board as a partner to help facilitate further growth in this important industry, and to help diversify VC in the process. Only 8 percent of female founders feel supported by the VC community, and balancing the scales in terms of gender is the best way to remedy that.”

Mikhail Taver and Nick Davidov are the managing partners of Gagarin Capital, which was the only firm specifically focused on AI investments when it was launched three years ago. Taver has done over 250 deals totaling $24 billion in 20 years of finance, while Davidov has 11 years of VC, M&A and consulting experience. Gagarin takes a hands-on approach, facilitating a wide range of vital activities for portfolio companies, from corporate governance to market expansion. Now, the firm can provide even more strategic public relations and communications guidance as well.

Gagarin currently has 19 investments. M&A PR Studio is a team of communication experts that includes award-winning journalists and specialists with a deep and nuanced understanding of new technologies. They count leading AI, blockchain, and VCs among its clients, including SingularityNET, Ripio, Bitfury, Runa Capital, SDVentures and others.

“I’ve worked with and known Anastasia for years. She’s already helped Gagarin and its portfolio companies with everything from messaging to placements. She has a deep knowledge of the industry and understands the importance of strategic communications,” Taver said. “Having her as a partner will only broaden her positive impact.”

About M&A PR Studio
M&A PR Studio is one of the most trusted groups of PR professionals in the tech industry, having worked with web giants such as Facebook, WeWork, PayPal, Houzz, and others. M&A PR Studio helped leaders in VC and AI, including Runa Capital, SDVentures, Gagarin Capital, Ripio, and Bitfury, boost their publicity internationally.

About Gagarin Capital Partners
Gagarin Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in AI-based products and services. The firm has a hands-on approach, its partners use their 20 year experience in VC, PE, and M&A to facilitate portfolio companies in a wide spectrum of vital activities — from corporate governance to mastering new markets. GCP is known for building and supporting a strong community of AI experts and top-in-class engineers.