Galen Partners’ Aperio Acquired by Leica Biosystems

An affiliate of Leica Biosystems has acquired Aperio, a provider of ePathology solutions. Aperio will be integrated into Leica Biosystems. Healthcare growth equity investment firm Galen Partners backed Aperio in 2005.


Galen Partners, a leading healthcare growth equity investment firm, announced today that an affiliate of Leica Biosystems has completed its acquisition of Aperio, a leading provider of ePathology solutions. Aperio will be integrated into Leica Biosystems, a leader in anatomical pathology solutions. Together, the two businesses will leverage each other’s strengths to grow and expand digital pathology into the global Life Science and Healthcare markets. The integrated business will provide industry leading solutions in each step of the anatomical pathology workflow, from sample preparation and staining, to imaging and reporting. The company will continue to offer both the Aperio ePathology Solutions and the existing Leica portfolio of Digital Pathology solutions, so that customers will enjoy more freedom to choose a solution that meets their individual needs.

Galen Partners first partnered with Aperio in 2005. Over the next seven years, Aperio solidified its reputation as a global leader in digital pathology while maintaining and expanding the largest installed base of digital pathology systems in the world. “For over 20 years, Galen has partnered with driven management teams to build sustainable healthcare businesses,” said Zubeen Shroff, Managing Partner of Galen Partners. “We commend Aperio’s successful execution of building a leading digital pathology platform. We are proud of Aperio’s accomplishments and want to acknowledge the vision of Dirk Soenksen and the leadership of David Schlotterbeck and his team in successfully commercializing this technology globally over the past seven years. We are pleased this pioneering platform will be part of Leica’s anatomical pathology solutions.”

“We believe that Aperio will benefit from the heritage, deep pathology expertise, and strong brand recognition of Leica Biosystems,” said David Schlotterbeck, CEO of Aperio. “The combined product offerings and improved reach into the diagnostic market will make our ePathology Solutions more widely available. We see our goals as synergistic and together we can address the regional and global imbalances of pathology expertise available for patient care and research.”

About Aperio

For over a decade, Aperio has advanced the technology that enables glass slides to be digitized and securely shared with others. Aperio products are transforming the practice of pathology in hospitals, reference labs, and pharmaceutical and research institutions around the world. From the moment glass slides are elevated to eSlides, Aperio ePathology Solutions equip pathologists with the power to evaluate, engage, and excel like never before. The NETWORK enables remote, simultaneous, real-time viewing and easy distribution for consults and collaboration. PRECISION tools empower pathologists with advanced analytic capabilities. An interoperable, scalable, and secure web-based software platform facilitates integration with existing systems. With Aperio ePathology Solutions, organizations can optimize their pathology operations for transparency, consistency, and efficiency to support patient care, personalized medicine, and research.

About Galen Partners
Galen Partners is a leading healthcare venture capital investment firm. The firm focuses on growth equity investments in healthcare technology and services, medical products, and specialty pharmaceutical companies. With nearly $1.0 billion under management, raised through five funds, Galen has helped build more than 70 companies since its founding in 1990. The firm continues a tradition of strategic collaboration and partnership with its portfolio company management teams to build healthcare market leaders.