Giftiki Sold to LaunchRock

LaunchRock has acquired Giftiki. The business specialises in product, engineering and design skills.


LaunchRock has announced the acquisition of Giftiki, one of the most badass product teams to walk this earth, so that they could create the most epic team photo of all time.

LaunchRock CEO, Jameson Detweiler had this to say, “We’re always on the lookout for people who build amazing and engaging product experiences. After using Giftiki and partying with the team, I knew that these were some of the best brogrammers I’d ever met. Mostly though, we just wanted to create the most epic team photo ever.”

Giftiki brings mad product, engineering and design skills. In addition to enabling LaunchRock to do more stupid stunts, they will help LaunchRock build out the next version of their app and extend the product offering.

Co-Founder of Giftiki, Bryan Jowers, had this to say, “I think one of the biggest opportunities is solving most startups’ hardest challenge – early user acquisition & engagement. What founder wouldn’t jump on a platform that could significantly solve the traction problem for them? We’re stoked to join LaunchRock and build a product that makes such a drastic impact for so many rad startups.”

And since Jameson loves to hear himself talk, he also had this to say, “At LaunchRock we’ve helped tens of thousands of companies get over four million users before they even launch, and they keep telling us how much it sucks to have to stop using us once they open up to the public. The Giftiki crew is helping us change that, and soon enough, LaunchRock is going to help you be awesome at user acquisition and retention after you’ve launched. Our mission at LaunchRock is to help you get those first 10,000 users and beyond.”