GitHub Hires Vlado Herman as CFO

GitHub has hired Vlado Herman as its new CFO. He was formerly CFO of Yelp.


Vlado Herman is a GitHubber!
It’s not every day that a new hire presents us with a bottle of Glenfarclas 40 year old whisky, but it was the perfect way to welcome our new CFO, Vlado Herman.

From the very first time I shook his hand, I knew I wanted to work with Vlado. He’s sharp, funny, patient, and believes in optimizing for happiness. Finding a proven financial expert that fit our culture wasn’t easy, but we were very lucky to find someone special, and now we’re incredibly proud to call Vlado a GitHubber.

As the CFO of Yelp for nearly five years, Vlado helped transform the company from a scrappy twenty-two person startup into a thousand person juggernaut. Previous to Yelp, Vlado was a Director of Finance for Yahoo! and spent time at Intel and Ernst & Young.

Keeping up with the growth of and GitHub Enterprise, and helping us plan for the future will be challenges, but just like a fine forty-year scotch, Vlado brings good taste to the table, and the team and I are looking forward to meeting those challenges head on, together.

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