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glendonTodd Capital Invests In Enterra Solutions

glendonTodd Capital said Wednesday that it has invested in Enterra Solutions. Financial terms weren’t disclosed. Reston, Va.-based Enterra is an information technology firm.


glendonTodd Capital LLC, a private equity firm that focuses on middle market business services companies, announces the investment into Enterra Solutions, LLC.

Based in Reston, Virginia, Enterra Solutions (Enterra) was founded in 2002 by renowned scientist and entrepreneur Stephen DeAngelis. Enterra’s unique technology platform ingests large amounts of data from disparate sources at tremendous speeds, then applies logic, inference and reasoning to act within the decision cycles, while saving the learned behavior throughout the enterprise. Enterra characterizes its technology as a real-time “Sense, Learn, Act” platform that is delivered to clients as a Cloud-based Solution-as-a-Service, scalable to a client’s size and complexity.

Prior to Enterra’s innovations this type of analysis required “human thinking” to understand the relationships among business rules and logic with the large and dynamic data of an organization. Now “computer-based thinking” draws upon the learned best practices that have been saved in Enterra’s system to execute the rules and logic within critical business processes, the result of which allows humans to focus on higher order decision making. This capability makes business processes faster, more accurate, and less costly.

“In glendonTodd Capital LLC, we have found a partner which shares our own vision of the marketplace and growth potential of Enterra,” said Steve DeAngelis, Chief Executive Officer of Enterra Solutions. “Their knowledge and insight related to the strategic direction of the Company and expertise in sales and marketing, coupled with their ability to develop operational efficiencies, will help propel Enterra to achieve both its immediate and long-term goals.”

“We at glendonTodd Capital LLC believe that Enterra’s game-changing, cloud-based technology will impact countless processes across many industries to the benefit of Enterra’s customers,” said Todd Furniss, Managing Partner of glendonTodd Capital LLC. “Currently, Enterra is focused on the optimization of supply chains, but the technology could be applied to any rules-based and/or complex business environment which we believe has the potential to reshape a variety of industries.”

This investment represents the culmination of a 16-month working relationship between Enterra Solutions, LLC and glendonTodd Capital LLC.

About Enterra Solutions, LLC: Enterra Solutions is an information technology firm which specializes in the application of technology platform based upon an artificial intelligence (AI) and a rules-based ontology to solve the complex business problems of commercial organizations and government agencies. Specifically, using its proprietary ESCAPE product offering and its patented Enterprise Resilience Management Methodology™ (“ERMM™”), Enterra Solutions focuses on the multi-faceted and dynamic supply chain optimization issues that critically face organizations in the Consumer Products and Retail industries and the infrastructure component of the Ports and Intermodal transportation sector. Enterra Solutions fully believes its AI and rules-based technologies are applicable to most other commercial industries and government sectors, please visit

About glendonTodd Capital LLC: glendonTodd Capital is a private equity firm focused on companies in the business services sector. The firm has a global orientation, strong operational background and holds firm the belief that investments led by people who have experience in the industries in which they are investing makes a material difference in the quality of the investment outcome. For more information, please visit