GlobalOptions Buys SIU Compliance

GlobalOptions is buying the assets of SIU Compliance Solutions, a provider of anti-fraud compliance services to the Insurance Industry. Terms of the deal were not released. GlobalOptions is based in Orlando.


GlobalOptions announced that it has agreed to final terms to acquire substantially all of the assets of SIU Compliance Solutions, a Florida based Corporation which specializes in providing contract SIU programs and anti-fraud compliance services to the Insurance Industry on a national level. The definitive agreement is expected to be finalized during the second quarter of 2012.

“For GlobalOptions’ clients, this acquisition will create an even stronger talent pool for providing our customers with SIU regulatory compliance services. This acquisition also enhances the company’s ability to offer the most comprehensive array of services in the industry, with added value in the areas of anti-fraud planning, annual and mandatory reporting, and innovative SIU anti-fraud training solutions,” said Frank Pinder, President and CEO of GlobalOptions. “By combining the fraud compliance services provided by SIU Compliance Solutions with GlobalOptions’ extensive reach and capabilities in SIU and Fraud Investigations, GlobalOptions will further strengthen the turnkey SIU solutions we provide our customers.”

The strategic acquisition of SIU Compliance Solutions further solidifies GlobalOptions status as a leading provider of SIU, Surveillance and claims investigation services. It also expands the company’s established presence in the state of Florida where its national headquarters are based. GlobalOptions plans to extend employment offers to the SIU regulatory compliance staff and customer service teams of SIU Compliance Solutions and integrate those staff into its Major Accounts and SIU teams in Orlando, FL.

Mr. Pinder further commented: “The acquisition of SIU Compliance Solutions is a reflection our strategy to acquire the best companies in the industry that can provide value to our customers through strengthening our expertise, geographic penetration and technology.”

About SIU Compliance Solutions

SIU Compliance Solutions is a Florida based Corporation which specializes in providing Anti-Fraud consulting services to the Insurance Industry nationally. SIU Compliance Solutions compliance staff has in excess of 13 years experience with all state insurance regulations. SIU Compliance Solutions provides a full range of services including Anti-Fraud Plans, annual reports, training and referrals which meet or exceed regulators requirements. For more information, visit .

About GlobalOptions

GlobalOptions, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, FL, with regional offices in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Sacramento is the national leader in providing outsource SIU solutions and a wide variety of investigative products and services to insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, and third-party administrators. GlobalOptions provides quality field investigations, instantaneous access to public records, comprehensive SIU programs, strategic anti-fraud planning, innovative educational courses, integrated internet-based technologies and investigative consulting services.