Golub Denies IPO Report

There is a trade pub report this morning that mid-market lender Golub Capital has “revived plans to take itself public,” after having withdrawn its IPO filing last October due to unfavorable market conditions.

The story doesn’t have any sourcing, although methinks the info came from a limited partner (Golub is currently raising its sixth fund). So I emailed firm president Lawrence Golub for comment. This is what came back:

“Business at Golub Capital is great. We had a record first quarter and are now one of the top five middle market senior lenders. But the rumors of a resurrection of our IPO are greatly exaggerated. Actually, just plain false. Last year we withdrew the registration statement that would have taken public a majority of the assets of our investment funds. Since that time we have made taken no steps to restart the registration and have no plans to restart the registration. It is certainly possible that at some future time when market conditions are strong, we might reconsider. But sadly for our lawyers, accountants and printers, that time is certainly not now or soon. ”

Seems pretty unequivocal…