Grain promotes four and hires one

Grain Management, a private equity firm focused on the global communications sectors, has made a number of promotions and a hire. Raghav Nayar and Nikola Trkulja, who have been promoted to principal; Paul Licursi is now a chief operating officer; and Jeannie Jones has been upped to chief financial officer. Also, the firm has hired Jenny Zhang as vice president.


WASHINGTON, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Grain Management (“Grain”), a leading private equity firm focused on investments in the global communications sector, today announced several key promotions and appointments following the successful completion of Grain Communications Opportunity Fund II, L.P. which closed last month with $899 million in commitments.

“Our firm’s most valued assets are our team members,” said Founder and CEO David Grain, “They continue to raise the bar, contributing to the success of our investments and to the alignment of Grain’s culture and values. We are delighted to recognize their excellence and continue the expansion of the broader team.”

Grain’s team updates include:
Raghav Nayar, who joined Grain in 2017, has been promoted to Principal and will serve as a member of the Investment Committee. Mr. Nayar has deep experience in fiber optic platforms, structured financings in the communications industry, and esoteric securitizations. He is currently on the boards of Great Plains Communications and WANRack.

Nikola Trkulja, who joined Grain in 2016, has been promoted to Principal and will serve as a member of the Investment Committee. Mr. Trkulja brings expertise in wireless spectrum assets, cell tower and fiber optic platforms, and innovative financing solutions within the industry. He is currently on the boards of CE Workforce and Great Plains Communications.

Jenny Zhang recently joined Grain as Vice President. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Zhang spent seven years at Morgan Stanley, where she advised clients on mergers and acquisitions and esoteric solutions.

Jeannie Jones, formerly Grain’s Director of Finance and Accounting, has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Jones is a CPA with over 30 years of finance and accounting experience and held several senior positions in public and private industry before joining Grain in 2015.

Paul Licursi, who joined Grain in 2017 as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, has been appointed to Chief Operating Officer. This newly-created position is intended to develop and execute key strategic goals for the firm, adding to Grain’s framework of value creation initiatives, and supporting Grain’s relationships with key stakeholders and industry partners.

“Grain’s talented and experienced professionals continue to drive value in our differentiated, sector-focused strategy,” said David Grain. “The expansion of the team reflects their achievements and Grain’s sustained growth since our founding in 2007.”

About Grain Management
Grain Management is a leading private equity firm focused on investments in the global communications sector. The firm was founded in 2007 with the objective of bringing a differentiated approach to the industry characterized by expansive sector knowledge, rigorous analytics, and dedicated, in-house operating and financial professionals. Grain is directed by a team of highly experienced investment professionals with deep industry knowledge and a specialized skillset, marked by extensive operating history, deep quantitative and analytical proficiency, and regulatory expertise. For more information visit