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GreenWorld Restoration Appoints Exec Director

GreenWorld Restoration, a provider of sustainable housing and community solutions has appointed Renato Iregui as executive director of global development for the company. Iregui has launched new businesses across three continents for both private equity ventures and global businesses including JP Morgan Chase Private Banking; Stern Stewart & Co and AXA-Investment Managers.


GreenWorld Restoration LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Renato Iregui as Executive Director of Global Development for the Company.
Renato Iregui has launched new businesses and opened new markets across three continents for both micro-financed private equity ventures and Global Tier-1 entities that include: JP MORGAN CHASE PRIVATE BANKING; New York, STERN STEWART & CO, London, and Group AXA’s prestigious global wealth management entities: AXA-Investment Managers, Paris and ALLIANCE/BERNSTEIN, New York.
Renato’s pursuit of sustainability-anchored housing and infrastructure opportunities took form in 2006 with Transom Real Estate Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SunTrust Holdings, where he initiated Multi-Family developments via State and Federal Tax Credit Equity strategies that targeted economic enterprise zones throughout the Southeast USA. In Florida, he formed part of the advisory committee for the ULI Terwilliger Center which acts as a catalyst to increase the availability of workforce housing in high cost communities by harnessing the power of the private sector.
According to Michael Torres, President and CEO of GreenWorld Restoration, “Renato has tremendous skills in finance, real estate investment and public/private partnerships. He is sensitive to the needs of his customers and works relentlessly to solve their problems. I am very pleased to have Renato on board.”
Mr. Iregui has this to say about GreenWorld, “GreenWorld has developed a transformative process that catapults the delivery and availability of sustainable solutions for housing and infrastructure at price points similar to the automobile industry. It will be an honor to help communities innovate away from the current state of real estate logistics into a new way that is affordable, safe and energy efficient.”
About GreenWorld Restoration
GreenWorld Homes USA & Caribbean, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of GreenWorld Restoration LLC and is a leading provider of sustainable housing and community solutions. We offer affordable on- or off-the-grid permanent housing as well as temporary housing solutions whereby 95% of the materials from a temporary house may be reused to create a permanent home.
Beyond the home, we help design and develop sustainable communities utilizing our Integrated Solution Architecture for Sustainable Communities™. Through this approach, we are able to help create a community that is in balance with the land ecologically and the people economically.