Gridiron Capital invests in Counsel On Call

Gridiron Capital has invested in Counsel On Call, which provides managed services to corporate in-house legal departments and law firms. CHILDS Advisory Partners worked as Counsel On Call’s exclusive financial advisor.

Press Release

Gridiron Capital, LLC (“Gridiron”) has made an investment to support Counsel On Call’s growth and commitment to leading the value-driven delivery of legal services to corporate in-house legal departments and top law firms.
Counsel On Call has been a true innovator in the legal services sector for 14 years. Working closely with its clients, the company has developed an extensive array of “managed services” (voluminous work that needs process, effective project management, attorney teams, metrics and accurate budgeting), provides one experienced attorney at a time for discreet matters, and consults and collaborates with clients on the best ways to handle legal work.

The partnership with Gridiron is a perfect fit, according to Counsel On Call CEO Jane Allen.

“We have built a successful company that approaches the delivery of legal services in a unique manner that prioritizes both legal and business results,” Allen said. “We are excited about our partnership with Gridiron – it is an exciting step in helping us achieve our business goals, continuing to improve upon the delivery of legal services for our clients and our employees. Gridiron’s experience and success in the business services sector, as well as its operational expertise, will be indispensable as we continue to grow.”

Tom Burger, Managing Partner of Gridiron, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Counsel On Call’s impressive, passionate and accomplished management team, team members and attorneys. There is a significant opportunity to build on their successes, and we look forward to working together to achieve further milestones for the company. We will continue to deliver on the company’s commitment to excellence and high-level value, as well as expand Counsel On Call’s areas of expertise and geographic presence.”

“We are impressed with Counsel On Call’s unique position in a new market and the depth and quality of the relationships the company has with its clients,” said Will Hausberg, Principal at Gridiron. “We look forward to leveraging Gridiron’s relationships to expand the company’s reach and build on Counsel On Call’s status as a trusted partner.”

CHILDS Advisory Partners served as Counsel on Call’s exclusive financial advisor.

About Counsel On Call
Inspired to change the legal profession for the better, Counsel On Call is driving revolution in the delivery of legal services. The company’s attorneys work with in-house legal departments and law firms in Managed Services, or teams of attorneys on voluminous work that needs process and expert management; one attorney at a time for specific assignments or durations; and in a consultative role, collaborating with clients to determine how best to handle and execute legal work.

Everything Counsel On Call does is focused on process, cost and ROI, and its attorneys work at a fraction of traditional rates. The result is substantial cost savings and Counsel On Call provides it clients with data and information that they need to show the value provided by getting work done in a different way.

Counsel On Call has eight locations, three standalone managed services centers, and approximately 1,000 attorneys working domestically and internationally. More information:

About Gridiron Capital
Gridiron Capital, LLC, headquartered in New Canaan, Connecticut, is an investment firm focused on creating value by acquiring and building middle-market services, manufacturing, and specialty consumer companies in the United States and Canada. Gridiron’s principals work closely with management teams to develop strategies for portfolio companies, as well as providing resources to execute business plans and build industry-leading companies. Additional information is available on the firm’s website at