Grow VC Group Buys Crowdfunding Platform Kapipal

Grow VC Group said Monday that it has acquired Kapipal. No financial terms were disclosed. Kapipal is a crowdfunding platform.


London, July 8, 2013 – Grow VC Group (<WBR> announces its acquisition of Kapipal (, a personal crowdfunding platform. Kapipal continues its existing crowdfunding operations, with plans in place to expand the business into new areas in the future.
Kapipal was founded by Alberto Falossi in 2009. The platform offers donation and reward crowdfunding service for different kinds of personal projects, like birthdays, hobbies, medical bills, school expenses. Kapipal is particularly popular in the UK, the US, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. It has helped people worldwide to raise millions of dollars and has over 50,000 unique users a month.
“It has been a great project to build Kapipal and get it to work. Today, crowdfunding is becoming mainstream and Kapipal needs more investment,” comments Alberto Falossi, Founder of Kapipal. “I wanted to find a partner that has a great reputation and commitment to operate long term in this business, and the Grow VC Group is the optimal partner to continue Kapipal’s operations and develop it to the next level,” he continues.
“Kapipal has done great work in its own category and helped many people get funding for their important endeavors,” comments Jouko Ahvenainen, Grow VC Group Chairman. “The Grow VC Group’s strategy is to build a leading innovative p2p and crowd finance model group through our own operations, strategic ownerships and partnerships. We already have a strategic stake in many marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms and investment vehicles. The Kapipal acquisition is a part of this strategy. We have exciting plans to expand Kapipal’s operations and bring totally new fund raising tools to market,” Ahvenainen continues.
About Grow VC Group
The Grow VC Group is the world leading, global pioneer of securities crowdfunding, peer-to-peer marketplaces, new investment models and global business development. Established in 2009, the Group has developed new investment models on six continents and continues to innovate the global market. The Group includes entities like Grow VC Operations, Crowd Valley Inc., Mutual Seed Fund, Grow Advisors and ChangeLab23.
About Kapipal
Kapipal is an international crowdfunding platform that allows people to fund any legal project. It is focused on personal causes and life-events. Launched in 2009, Kapipal was the first site to support personal and private crowdfunding. Today, people from more than 100 countries use Kapipal to make their dreams come true.
For additional information, contact Jouko Ahvenainen