Gryphn acquires text messaging business Uppidy

Gryphn has acquired Uppidy, which provides text message search and storage. The company is launching repository services and end-to-end encrypted messaging solutions as a more robust platform under the name ArmorText later this month.

Press Release

In a deal consummated late last week Uppidy, a provider of text message search and storage, was acquired by Gryphn. The combined entity brings together a best in class repository and marries that with a secure end-to-end encrypted messaging solution. The company is launching both services as a new more robust platform to the enterprise under the name ArmorText later this month.
“We’re thrilled to have acquired Uppidy”, said CEO Navroop Mitter. “Already backing up 35 Million+ messages for tens of thousands of consumer and enterprise users, this system is a natural addition to ArmorText, our secure messaging solution for enterprise.”

“It checks a big box for organizations who need compliance. It became obvious to both companies months ago that the two business’s were really big individual parts trying to solve a humongous communication challenge”, said Joshua Konowe the co-founder and CEO of Uppidy.

Josh added, “Transitioning Uppidy’s capabilities into the ArmorText platform is the logical solution. The deal was really a by product of what the market is telling us they need.” Josh also added that one of the other highly attractive features of Uppidy was the time-on-site. Users on average spent over 15 minutes searching and reading their previously stored conversations regularly, highlighting the value of text messaging archives.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Gryphn plans to keep Uppidy for consumers in place and leverage its existing brand recognition to help push the corporate solution for the time being.

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