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Hague, ex-Centerplate CEO, launches Aegis

Des Hague, Centerplate’s former CEO and president, has launched Aegis LLC, which will make investments in startups and other business opportunities. Hague resigned last year from Centerplate after a videotape showed him kicking a dog in his care. Centerplate is a portfolio company of Olympus Partners.


STAMFORD, CT–(Marketwired – Apr 24, 2015) – Internationally acclaimed executive, Des Hague, announced the launch of his latest project, AEGIS, LLC. The company is based on Hague’s ample experience as a high-ranking manager for a variety of enterprises in the United States and in Europe and will concentrate on investments in promising start-ups and other business opportunities across multiple sectors. AEGIS will provide the know-how, the capital, and the ability to tap into an extensive network of seasoned leaders from numerous business sectors with proven global expertise in driving growth and success.

“Over the last twenty-five years, I have had the honor of working with some of the best companies in the world. I have gained extensive expertise in running successful public and private companies and personally executed two very successful transactions in the last decade in the private equity market. Now, I am looking forward to delivering many more in the years ahead,” says Hague. “This is an exciting new chapter of my life. I have always had a talent for recognizing skilled people and fruitful opportunities and am passionate about making the communities we live and work in a better place. The concept behind AEGIS allows me to focus on sourcing ideas, investing in what excites me, and at the same time providing a safe haven for entrepreneurs and bringing their ideas to life.”

Des Hague has vast experience as an executive for leading companies in the hospitality business in North America and the United Kingdom. During his tenure as CEO and President for Centerplate, a leading US-based food, beverage, and merchandise corporation, his unparalleled management skills increased the company’s performance quality to surpass all competitors. In the course of his career Hague received multiple awards in recognition of his unprecedented performance, including “No. 1 NFL Experience” by Stadium Journey, “Best Food and Beverage” by Convene Magazine, “No. 1 in MLS for ‘America’s Best Stadium Food'” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, “No. 1 Best NFL Stadium to Visit” by Thrillist, “No. 1 College Football Experience” by Stadium Journey, “No. 1 Ski Resort, Eastern U.S. and Canada” by Ski Magazine, and Gold and Silver Medals at the British Pie Awards.

In addition to his professional projects, Des Hague has continuously focused a large part of his time and energy on contributing to the nonprofit sector. As a result of his efforts, more than $100 million were raised over the last few years and given to a large number of nonprofits organizations, including the Stamford Youth Foundation, a local organization offering multiple programs for young people, and The Journey Home, a Baltimore-based Foundation fighting homelessness.

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