HarbourVest listed fund increases net asset value

HarbourVest Global Private Equity Limited, a closed-end investment company, estimated net asset value of $13.13 per share, an $.08 increase from the September 30, 2013 estimate and a $.67 increase from January 31, 2013. The firm invested $13.4 million in U.S. funds of funds and secondary funds, including increased commitments to HarbourVest’s U.S. fund of funds.

Press Release

IN NOVEMBER, TWITTER (TWTR)* PRICED ITS IPO AT $26.00 PER SHARE AT A MULTIPLE OF 8.3 TIMES COST. The share price has increased since listing, and the value uplift on HVPE’s holding via multiple venture managers will be reflected in the 30 November 2013 estimated NAV.

HarbourVest Global Private Equity Limited (“HVPE” or the “Company”), a closed-end investment company, today announces its estimated Net Asset Value (“NAV”) at 31 October 2013.

Net Asset Value

At the end of October, HVPE’s estimated NAV per share was $13.13, a $0.08 per share increase from the 30 September 2013 estimate of $13.05 and a $0.67 per share (5%) increase from 31 January 2013. This change mainly reflects increases for privately-held securities as a portion of the portfolio was revalued to reflect final 30 September 2013 results. The increase was partially offset by operating expenses.

Balance Sheet and Commitments

During October, HVPE invested $13.4 million in U.S. fund-of-funds and secondary funds, including the increased commitments to HarbourVest U.S. fund-of-funds. The Company received $11.6 million of realisations during the month, the largest source of which was a mature international fund-of-funds, resulting in net negative cash flows of $1.8 million. With positive cash flows during seven of the last nine months, HVPE is $65.7 million cash flow positive during the first nine months of the financial year. During October 2013, there were a total of 60 liquidity events across HVPE’s underlying portfolio (double the September total), including 40 M&A transactions and 20 IPOs.

In October 2013, HVPE increased its commitments to HarbourVest’s U.S. buyout and credit focused fund-of-funds by $53.5 million. These funds participated in the December 2012 purchase of the assets of Conversus alongside HVPE and other HarbourVest-managed funds.

Credit Facility

During October, HVPE borrowed $2.0 million and repaid $2.0 million against its credit facility, which is committed until April 2018 subject to certain covenants. At 31 October 2013, a total of $125.1 million is outstanding, which is a $1.2 million increase from 30 September due to foreign currency movement.

Additional detail about HVPE’s NAV and investment diversification can be found on HVPE’s website, in the Monthly Update for 31 October 2013.

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HarbourVest Global Private Equity Limited (“HVPE”) is a Guernsey-incorporated closed-end investment company which has a dual listing on both the London Stock Exchange and Euronext Amsterdam. HVPE is registered as an investment institution with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. HVPE is designed to offer shareholders long-term capital appreciation by investing in a private equity portfolio diversified by geography, by stage of investment, by vintage year, and by industry. It invests in and alongside HarbourVest-managed funds which focus on primary partnership commitments, secondary investments, and direct investments in operating companies. HVPE is advised by HarbourVest Advisers L.P., an affiliate of HarbourVest Partners, LLC.

About HarbourVest Partners, LLC:
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