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Hatteras Ventures Forms Scientific Advisory Board

Hatteras Venture Partners has formed a scientific advisory board. It will be chaired by Genentech co-founder Herb Boyer.




Hatteras Venture Partners announced today the establishment of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The Board of internationally renowned scientists and industry experts is focused on helping Hatteras identify trends and opportunities in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and related areas of life science innovation.


“We are thrilled with the quality and caliber of the advisors we have recruited to help us build the next generation of successful life science companies,” said Bob Ingram, General Partner of Hatteras Venture Partners. “We are particularly pleased that Herb Boyer has agreed to serve as Chair of our scientific advisory board.”


The Hatteras SAB consists of eight scientists and industry experts from each of the fields of interest to Hatteras and will be chaired by Herb Boyer, Ph.D., one of the founders of Genentech. Dr. Boyer is the co-inventor of recombinant DNA technology, which serves as the basis for all recombinant protein therapeutics. The full Hatteras SAB consists of:


Herb Boyer, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Genentech, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco

James Powell, M.D., pathologist, founder of LabCorp and Tripath
Charlie Sanders, M.D., cardiologist, former CEO of Glaxo and former Head of Massachusetts General Hospital

Lucy Shapiro, Ph.D., Professor of Developmental Biology and Director of the Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine, Stanford University; Co-Founder of Anacor Pharmaceuticals

Thomas Mac Mahon, Chairman and former CEO of LabCorp
Arnold Levine, Ph.D., Professor of Systems Biology, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University, former President and CEO of Rockefeller University

Beat Merz, Ph.D., medical device expert, industry and investing veteran, Investment Advisor, Trigon Medical

Kazumi Shiosaki, Ph.D., Managing Director, MPM Capital, former SVP of Drug Discovery, Millennium Pharmaceuticals

“I have been truly impressed by the vision and ethics of the Hatteras team,” said Dr. Boyer. “The quality of the science coming from the southeast is impressive, and Hatteras has a tremendous opportunity to translate these innovations into world-class companies with transformational products.”


“Hatteras has a strategic focus on investment opportunities emanating from institutions in the southeast,” said Ken Lee, General Partner of Hatteras Venture Partners. “We wanted to assemble an advisory board of some of the best minds in our industry to ensure that all opportunities are 'best of breed' on an international basis.”


About Hatteras Venture Partners:

Hatteras Venture Partners is a health care venture capital firm based in Research Triangle Park, NC and focused on biopharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and related human medicine opportunities. Over three funds, the firm has over $120 million under management. The latest Hatteras fund, Hatteras Venture Partners III, has $83 million in commitments and is focused on seed and early stage companies with a focus on the southeastern United States. For more information, go to: