Head of GE France to leave now Alstom deal has concluded: Reuters

(Reuters) — The head of General Electric in France, Clara Gaymard, is leaving the U.S. conglomerate after its takeover of the energy business of French group Alstom.

Gaymard, who accompanied GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt in talks with the French government over Alstom job guarantees, is a member of the board of energy and waste group Veolia and has also been approached by French conglomerate Bouygues to join its board after the Alstom deal closes.

“The closing of the Alstom deal has just been completed and it was a good time for me to prepare a new stage in my professional life,” Gaymard told French business weekly Challenges in comments published on its website on Sunday.

“I had thought about continuing with GE but we came to a mutual agreement that it was the right time to part.”

Challenges said that GE would make an announcement on Monday or Tuesday. A GE spokesman declined to comment.

GE closed the takeover of Alstom’s energy business in November for a final price that the U.S. group put at 9.7 billion euros ($10.5 billion).