Healthcare & Entrepreneurship

President Obama’s compelling healthcare speech last night made the case for acting now. In a follow-up email that he sent to millions, he urged action to finally address this pressing issue, positing that we are “closer now than we have been in 60 years.”

Here’s my question – where can I find an analysis of the impact of the plan on entrepreneurship? Why has this major engine of job growth been silent or ignored in the debate – or have I just missed it?

Anything that creates friction in entrepreneurship is a bad thing for our innovation economy. I have seen aspiring entrepreneurs hold back in pursuing their start-up dreams because of fear of losing health coverage. Lowering the barriers to allow the flow of great talent to seek great opportunity needs to be a fundamental tenant of the new plan and I’m concerned that our leadership isn’t focused enough on this lens.

Has anyone seen any good data or dialog on this topic? Led by former venture capitalist Karen Mills, shouldn’t the SBA be a strong, relevant voice here?