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Hera Capital invests $2 mln in CashCashPinoy

Hera Capital has invested $2 million in CashCashPinoy, an e-commerce company targeting Filipino consumers. CashCashPinoy provides a mobile platform for flash sales of products and funds will be used to improve the mobile as well as tablet user experience.

Press Release

Hera Capital is pleased to announce its US $2M investment into CashCashPinoy, a Manila-based e-commerce company. Hera Capital has known CashCashPinoy and has been closely following its progress for quite some time.

CashCashPinoy team’s vision is ambitious and exciting: to build the reference e-commerce platform for Filipino consumers to find amazing deals. Products are sold through flash sales; they are well-priced, authentic brands, which are carefully sourced, screened and selected by the team.

CashCashPinoy deeply understands what the Filipino market wants: price, quality, security, authenticity, and convenience of payment – all of which is central to its value offering. It has invested significantly in its technological capabilities and built a scalable platform sized to absorb huge volumes of transactions.

CashCashPinoy is now well-poised to evolve with additional customer-centric and data-mining capabilities. The platform is, of course, mobile, but more funds will now be invested on further improving the mobile and tablet user experience.

To quote Frederic Levy, founder and CEO of CashCashPinoy: “CashCashPinoy negotiates the best-priced deals for its members. But low prices do not automatically equal an amazing experience. CashCashPinoy also works hard to guarantee that the offers are genuine, and makes sure that no fakes are proposed and sold online. And here again, our company has set up very strict processes and best in class operations to select the offers and protect its customers with a full refund policy, guaranteeing a flawless customer experience. More will be done on that front, of course, as CashCashPinoy needs to be clearly positioned as THE reference on that matter.”

Since its inception, the company has built a very loyal base of hundreds of thousands of customers who keep coming back to the website for repeat purchases. The cohorts analysis performed pre-investment revealed solid purchasing patterns and validated the strength of the value proposition, the stickiness of the consumer base, and the ability of the team to deliver its promise to the market. Hera Capital is delighted to join CashCashPinoy’s existing shareholders and help the team deliver its Filipino consumer-centric vision.