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Hillcore Group acquires control stake in Panels and Pipes

Canadian private investment firm Hillcore Group has acquired a controlling interest in Panels and Pipes Inc, a Timmins, Ontario-based industrial scaffolding and mechanical insulating contractor.

No financial terms were released for the deal, which closed on July 12.

Founded in 1999 by Jean-Paul Legault, Panels and Pipes primarily services major projects, maintenance and turnaround support activity in the industrial construction sector of Western Canada and Ontario.

Panels and Pipes join’s Toronto-based Hillcore’s industrial group, which includes Waiward Steel LP and Academy Group.


Hillcore closes acquisition of a controlling interest in Panels and Pipes

Transaction Overview

On July 12, 2018, Hillcore Group acquired a controlling interest in Panels and Pipes (, a leading industrial scaffolding and mechanical insulating contractor in Ontario and Alberta. The company is a great addition to Hillcore’s industrial group which already includes Waiward Steel LP and Academy Group. We see great synergies in all three companies working closely together going forward.

Panels and Pipes at a Glance

Panels and Pipes was established In Timmins Ontario in 1999 by Jean-Paul Legault, with initial focus on northern Ontario mining industry, the organization quickly expanding to Alberta and British Columbia predominantly servicing major projects, maintenance and turnaround support activities within the Industrial construction sector. The company’s range of services are now offered throughout all Western Provinces as well as personnel working both Northern Ontario mine sector, and Southern Ontario manufacturing and commercial based facilities and projects. Panels and Pipes prides itself on Safety and Leadership milestones, having recently reached 1,000,000 hrs without Lost Time in the Oil and Gas sector of Alberta.

Core Services

Panels and Pipes is a diversified organization that can offer a multitude of services for capital projects, shutdowns & maintenance scope of work. Key services include:

• Engineered Scaffold Systems

• Mechanical, Piping and Ducting Insulation

• Soft cover Insulation manufacturing and installation

• Sheet Metal Ducting

• Architectural Cladding and Sheet Metal Building Systems

• Fabric Building Structures

• Safety Guard and Debris Netting Systems

• Project Structure and Equipment Shrink Wrap

• Asbestos Abatement

• Project Site Services