Holiday E-Cards: Eco-Friendly, Recessionary Cutback, or Just Lazy and Cheap?

My email inbox looks a bit like Times Square with all the flashing and sparkling holiday love it’s been getting.

I have received countless holiday e-cards from various contacts (thank you all kindly), but thus far, absolutely no real dead-tree cards. A few of them even say “We’re sending e-cards this year,” indicating that that was not in case in years past, where I remember getting real, signed cards and not just an overlooked email.

That was special only because our inboxes are already clogged with hundreds of unsolicited emails that are a chore to clear out, but snail-mail is a novelty. I can only assume that if cut-backs go as deep as Christmas parties (see: Wall Street) and pencils (see: GM), they’re going to include frivolous postage on glittering holiday greetings to bloggers like myself.

Regardless of whether or not old fashioned tree-killing cards ever return, if there’s anyone out there today, here is my e-card to you. I was even nice enough to keep it out of your already-clogged inbox.