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HouseLens raises $2 mln Series A funding

HouseLens Inc., which provides real estate video marketing, has raised $2 million in Series A funding from undisclosed investors. The funding will help HouseLens move into additional U.S. real estate markets, as well as expand its product line.

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HouseLens Inc., the nation’s leader in real estate video marketing, has raised $2M to complete its Series A funding. The new capital paves the way for continued market expansion and the addition of new offerings to the company’s industry-leading product line.

“Thanks to the demand for our video marketing solutions, we’re already in the nation’s Top 33 real estate markets. Completing our Series A round will allow us to expand to the nation’s Top 50 markets by the end of 2015,” says HouseLens CRO David Greenberg.

HouseLens will also expand its product line, which centers on innovative full-motion walk-through video tours.

“Buyers love the ability to click play, sit back and enjoy an immersive walk-through video tour of a listing, and we’ve found a natural complement for those videos in 3D,” says HouseLens founder and CEO Andrew Crefeld.

HouseLens will begin offering 3D models of listings in 2015, and the company will have an interactive prototype on display in its booth at the upcoming National Association of Realtors Expo in New Orleans. HouseLens’ 3D models will enable buyers to explore homes through the use of interactive floorplans, with virtual staging and measurement functionality to follow.

Also in 2015, HouseLens will launch its first DIY app, extending video tour capabilities to a new market segment and price point. Real estate agents will be able to use the app to create photographs and walk-through video tours of listings. Users will also receive a mobile-first, agent-branded webpage for each listing, plus support through HouseLens Customer Service.

Looking to the future, Crefeld hopes to extend HouseLens’ product offerings even further through the use of drone-operated cameras.

“We’re not willing to put the company or our customers at risk by violating the FAA’s very clear ban on drones, but there are promising signs that the FAA is moving toward a workable solution for drone usage in our industry, and we will be ready to act when that happens,” Crefeld says.

For Crefeld, these innovations are just three of many yet to come.

“The most exciting thing about leading HouseLens is the opportunity to lead the technology revolution that’s sweeping the real estate industry,” he says. “I can’t wait to see where we go next.”

About HouseLens Inc.
HouseLens Inc. is the nation’s largest provider of video marketing solutions for real estate, with a presence in 33 of the nation’s Top 50 real estate markets. The company supplies agents with full-motion walk-through video tours, professional photography and listing webpages, all within a 48-hour turnaround. Other HouseLens marketing solutions include custom videos for premium listings, agent video bios and broker promotional videos. For more information, visit or contact Marketing Communications Coordinator Kathryn Royster at

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