I Know What You Did Last Weekend, Bill Gates

Showing his support for someone else’s May-December romance for a change, Mick Jagger attended the wedding of 59-year-old, billionaire space trotter Charles Simonyi to 28-year-old Swedish investment banker Lisa Persdotter in Gothenburg, Sweden this past weekend.

Simonyi, who plans to spend tens of millions of dollars to visit the International Space Station for the second time next spring, made his fortune as the head of Microsoft’s application software group, where he helped create several key Office applications, including Excel and Word. Little wonder then that Bill Gates was an usher at the marriage ceremony, which was the first for both Simonyi and Persdotter.

Persdotter and Simonyi were engaged in August in St. Tropez, where her family owns a property nearby his own.

Other guests included Elton John and keyboardist Ulf “Buddha” Ekberg of the Swedish pop band Ace of Base.

(Btw, this photo of Gates was taken in 1977, after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. He was cute as a button, no?)

(H/T Techflash)