IBID Group buys Dalberry

IBID Group has acquired Dalberry, a tech provider for secure online payments. No financial terms were disclosed.


IBID Group, the investment firm focused on buying and investing in internet based companies with high growth potential, is pleased to announce the majority acquisition of Dalberry, an all-in-one technology provider for secure online payments.

Dalberry is an ultra high growth online payments disrupter that launched last year with a mission to fix the broken journey for merchants frustrated with existing clumsy and bureaucratic systems.

Unencumbered by legacy systems, Dalberry architected a fully comprehensive solution from the ground up. Not only does this result in a smoother, simpler system, it generates real time actionable management data and crucially, includes ongoing training and support for merchants.

Its team of specialists come from successful online merchants and from the global payments industry, which gave them first hand experience of the inefficiencies and complexities that exist in the merchant’s journey of setting up online payments. This track record has allowed the Company to rapidly create a robust, secure platform that has already won the support of banks and merchants alike during its soft launch.

IBID will help Dalberry to become a leading online payment company by increasing investment in business development, marketing and product development. It will contribute to Dalberry’s overall sales strategy, as it intends to expedite sales by leveraging its global network. Additionally, IBID’s investment will accelerate the development of Dalberry’s electronic wallet concept to 2017.

Juan Santana, CEO and Co-founder, Dalberry commented:
“We saw the need to offer a simple and efficient online payment solution for merchants still forced to use inefficient legacy providers. Our product has been well received in the market and appeals to a broad spectrum of merchants. IBID’s acquisition is transformational for us. We are now able to accelerate our commercial and product plans while simultaneously de-risking our corporate position.”

Anda Constantin, COO and Co-founder, Dalberry added:
“We spoke to a number of potential investors, but quickly selected IBID as our preferred partner. We were struck immediately by their strategic grasp of the Internet and our sector, the speed at which it operates and the very real support they are going to provide us on an ongoing basis. We have an investor that we can closely identify with and who shares our passion and drive to succeed.”

Commenting, David Barzilay, CEO of IBID Group said:
“We know that online merchants crave better online payments systems and in Dalberry we saw a company with a fantastic product, great management and the hunger to really shake up the industry.

We see Dalberry as a natural fit for our portfolio and we look forward to working with its management team to leverage our expertise in order to expedite its growth potential and capture significant market share.”

IBID Group
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The management team has strong and demonstrable experience in generating significant returns for shareholders.
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Further information on the Group can be found here: http://www.ibidgroup.com

Dalberry is a merchant oriented gateway that will bring forward an interesting product for merchants that are seeking a specialised partner. Its proprietary technology enables merchants to focus on what they do best while giving them the opportunity to build a scalable business.