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Index Ventures Wraps Up $700M Growth Fund

Index Ventures has raised a new VC fund to invest $700 million from its UK and its new San Francisco offices. The fund will operate as a growth fund and invest internationally. Prior Index Ventures investments include Dropbox, Songkick, Etsy and Boku.


Index Ventures announces the closing of a new €500m ($700m) fund to invest in fast-growing global businesses

With a new €500m ($700m) Growth fund to invest in fast-growing businesses and the opening of a San Francisco office, Index is opening a new chapter. The new Growth fund will:
– Make equity investments in the range of €10M and €50M in fast-growing companies, providing not only additional capital for investment, but also access to Index’s international platform to enable growth.

– Invest in emerging leaders with international ambitions, e.g. From Europe to US or vice versa.

– Continue to focus on themes aligned with Index’s core expertise.

– Extend Index Ventures’ proven track record in creating global category leaders, e.g. Skype, MySQL, Playfish and RPX.

Index Ventures: a snapshot of last 12 months activity:
Exits & Investments
• More than 15 exits, including significant IPOs like Betfair and RPX and major trade sales like, Lovefilm and Gluster;
• 48 new investments including Adyen, Dropbox, Factual, Housetrip, Lookout, Soluto and Soundcloud;
• 55 follow-on investments including Alertme, Big Switch, Boku, Criteo, Flipboard, Just Eat, Mind Candy, OpenX, Ozon, People per Hour, Photobox, Rightscale and Songkick.

Across broad range of themes, including:
• Marketplaces including etsy, Funding Circle, Housetrip, Kaggle, PeopleperHour.
• Payments including Adyen, Boku, iZettle.
• Cloud including, Erply, Gluster, Mimecast and Right Scale.
• Mobile including Path, Lookout, Fon, Flipboard and Rebtel.
• Fashion including ASOS, Privalia, editd, Stylelistpick.

Across every stage:
• first money into 29 seed concepts
• helping to develop 57 venture investments
• acceleration of 15 growth businesses

Including some very high-profile deals such as leading the recent Dropbox & iZettle financings.

Active in key markets:
• Now have established physical presence in the world’s best tech startup hotbeds and launching pads:
◦ New office in San Francisco
◦ New office in East London (now East as well as West)

With new investments in 12 countries and active investments in core regions:

– currently in London includes Alertme, Mimecast, Moo, Moshi, Just Eat, Fuding Circle, One Fine Stay, Photobox, Housetrip, People per Hour, Songkick, Viagogo
– currently in Bay Area includes Dropbox, Path, Lookout, Flipboard, Assistly,, Boku, RPX, Big Switch, Gluster
– currently in Europe & Israel includes Criteo (Paris), Soundcloud (Berlin), Adyen (Amsterdam), Privalia (Barcelona), Moleskine (Milan), Ozon & Babyboom (Moscow), MyHeritage & Soluto (Tel Aviv), Fon (Madrid), Stardoll, Rebtel& iZettle (Stockholm) and Erply (Tallin)
– plus in US outside of Bay Area includes Rightscale & Sonos (Santa Barbara), OpenX, Adconion & Factual (LA), Chartbeat, Shapeways, Squarespace, Stack Exchange & Etsy (NYC)