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Infinedi Partners hires Henry Blynn as a senior associate

Blynn joined Infinedi from Harvest Partners, where he worked as an associate. 

Infinedi Partners hired Henry Blynn as a senior associate to execute and manage private equity investments. Blynn joined Infinedi from Harvest Partners, where he worked as an associate.

Press Release

Infinedi Partners, LP (“Infinedi”), a private equity firm focused on partnerships with founder-owned businesses, announced today the hiring of Henry Blynn.

Henry has joined Infinedi as a Senior Associate. He will execute and manage new and existing private equity investments on behalf of Infinedi. Henry was most recently an Associate at Harvest Partners.

Jay Hegenbart, Founder of Infinedi, commented, “I am thrilled to announce the addition of Henry to the Infinedi team. He is a talented professional and a proven leader, and we were fortunate to be able to recruit him to our growing platform in this competitive market. Henry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am confident that we will be able to leverage his expertise and capabilities to continue achieving strong investment returns.”

Prior to joining Infinedi, Henry was an Associate at Harvest Partners, SCF completing investments in founder and sponsor-owned businesses. Prior to that, Henry was an Analyst at Jefferies LLC.

Henry has a B.A. in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations from Brown University.

About Infinedi Partners

Infinedi Partners is a private equity firm focused on long-lasting partnerships with founder-owned businesses and financial entrepreneurs. Based in New York, the firm was founded in March 2018 by Jay Hegenbart. Unlike many traditional private equity firms, Infinedi is comfortable with both control and non-control structures. Additional elements of flexibility include using less financial leverage and having investment durations longer than is typical.

The firm’s approach is solution-based, working with business owners to create tailor-made private equity investments oriented to maximize effectiveness for all stakeholders. To date, Infinedi’s investments have included both majority and minority structures. Our investors include a diverse group of prominent institutions and family offices who also represent many of the world’s largest and most prominent private equity investors. Many of these institutions have known the principals for decades and have benefitted from their successful track record of investing. Infinedi is actively seeking new investment opportunities.