Swedish count backs social network Zerdos

Targeted business social network Zerdos, backed by a group of international investors in partnership with Swedish count Erik Wachtmeister, has gone live. Wachtmeister founded social network ASMALLWORLD in 2004, dubbed “MySpace for millionaries” by the WSJ. He also launched BestofAllWorlds. Zerdos is an invitation-only social network targeting business owners.

Press Release

The network is backed by a group of influential international investors in partnership with Swedish Count Erik Wachtmeister. A pioneer of social networking, Erik is one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the field – having previously achieved success both with the founding of ASMALLWORLD in 2004, and more recently, BestofAllWorlds, which is currently approaching 33,000 users.

The Zerdos team believes that as the social network market matures, users will demand effectively targeted networks that cater directly to a particular market segment. Zerdos is such a network.

Zerdos is an invitation-only social network targeting Business Owners. Director and co-founder Marcus Ereira came in contact with the sons and daughters of top diplomats, business magnates, royals, politicians, fashion icons and sports stars while studying at Regents University in London when he came up with the idea.

Zerdos is about having access to international political and business figures, and being able to speak with sports stars or celebrities to represent your brand or partner up to own the next Beats or Vitamin Water. Zerdos cuts out all levels of red tape and makes it easy for business owners to contact one-another in a private and intimate environment.

Zerdos is a platform for these people and other likeminded individuals to stay in contact and leverage their mutual interests and knowledge.

Wachtmeister says that three million people are connected by three degrees of separation; however certain individuals can’t be connected publicly, meaning general social networks do not meet their needs. They need an intimate environment, people connected by ‘zero degrees of separation’, where everyone knows of each other.

Zerdos aims to be the ultimate private online community in its segment, enabling its members to stay in contact with friends they studied with or met on the other side of the world. Zerdos has brought the exclusive members club experience online to benefit business owners.

Due to the intimacy of the network and prestige of our members, Zerdos has been able to secure benefits that are simply not accessible on other networks, offering users significant benefits and discounts on luxury cars, watches, Jet rental, 5* hotels, space travel and more.

By limiting members to only 2 invites per user Zerdos will rely on its existing members to determine who receives access. The membership base will be capped at 50,000 people. Zerdos went live today and an integrated app will be launched shortly.