Innovatus to back RAD Urban

RAD Urban has agreed to secure $28 million in financing from Innovatus Capital Partners LLC. RAD Urban is a provider of high-rise modular construction solutions.


NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Innovatus Capital Partners, LLC (“Innovatus” or the “Firm”), an independent adviser and portfolio management firm with approximately $1.6 billion in assets under management, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to provide $28 million in structured financing to RAD Urban, a leader in high-rise modular construction.

With their pioneering approach to high-rise construction, RAD Urban has brought advanced industrialization techniques from other sectors and leading, modular building technology to steel construction. RAD Urban is fundamentally transforming how modern, high-rise towers are built by addressing the core challenges of low productivity and high costs that have beset the construction industry for decades. Their differentiated approach is anchored in three core principles:

A single-source construction solution: RAD Urban is the sole point of contact from the initial architectural design to engineering, manufacturing, site-work, and erection of the building. By integrating these processes under a single contract, the confusion, errors, and overruns that often afflict traditional construction projects are significantly reduced.

Patent pending structural technology: RAD Urban invests extensively in research and development to create structural connection systems that allows for modular construction up to 40 floors with greater precision and structural integrity than standard steel construction.

Leading module manufacturer: RAD Urban’s customizable modules are produced in-house at their 160,000 square foot, unionized, lean manufacturing facility in Lathrop, California.

The results of this approach are high rise construction projects completed with 25-40% lower costs and in 25-35% shorter time periods than those built using traditional methods.

“The benefits of modular construction have been well-known but mostly theoretical for decades. RAD Urban is particularly well-positioned to deliver on these promised benefits,” said Joseph Schottland, a Partner at Innovatus. “They have a world-class team, proven experience in executing with this innovative approach and importantly, alignment with labor. We believe RAD Urban will make a step change in construction productivity and redefine high-rise construction practices. We look forward to partnering with RAD Urban’s experienced team as they deliver vital solutions to urban communities across the country.”

“We are pleased to partner with Innovatus, a prudent provider of targeted growth capital,” said Randy Miller, Chief Executive Officer of RAD Urban. “Our company is at an important phase in our growth trajectory and this new capital along with their strategic support will enable RAD Urban to expand its capacity and market footprint, while marketing our technology for other developers. We are growing carefully and deploying this capital to address specific expansion initiatives that will set the foundation for even bigger plans. We chose Innovatus because of their fast comprehension of our business, their insightful contributions, and their strategic alignment with our plan.”

About Innovatus Capital Partners, LLC
Innovatus Capital Partners, LLC, is an independent adviser and portfolio management firm with approximately $1.6B in assets under management. The Firm adheres to an investment strategy that identifies distressed, disruptive and growth opportunities in the less obvious market segments across multiple asset categories. Through deep industry networks and experience across asset classes, Innovatus will acquire or create assets with a focus on premium and durable income streams. Innovatus will invest through various channels including joint ventures and/or partnerships with industry-leading companies, the creation of de novo entities, and investments in or acquisitions of established companies. A unifying theme of Innovatus’ investment strategy is capital preservation and income generation. More information about Innovatus Capital Partners can be found at

About RAD Urban
RAD Urban is disrupting the construction industry with vertically-integrated, manufacturing-based systems that deliver better, faster, and cheaper buildings. The company combines full life-cycle capabilities with modular technology and a patent-pending, lean manufacturing systems to transform construction from poorly managed chaos into a rapid-assembly site of prefabricated steel volumetric modules. The firm is led by seasoned executives that have successfully scaled small businesses into large businesses and large businesses into Fortune 100 companies, with a top-tier staff of engineers, architects, contractors, and financiers. RAD Urban is a Carpenters’ Union based signatory company that has successfully completed $169M of projects and has $236M of construction underway and $741M in pre-construction.