Inspiring video: Steve Young wants you to challenge yourself to see how good you can be

Like only a Hall of Fame quarterback could do, Steve Young pumped up the audience at our PartnerConnect West conference earlier this month. Young, who co-founded private equity firm HGGC after retiring from football, had the crowd hanging on his every word as he shared his journey from the grid iron to the boardroom. How does a guy who’s 6 feet (by comparison, Peyton Manning is 6-foot-5) become the highest-rated quarterback in NFL history? Click play, sit back and listen to one of the greats.

(Having trouble watching this video? Check it out on YouTube)

Photo: Steve Young speaks at PartnerConnect West Oct 7, 2014, in Half Moon Bay, Calif. Photographed by Oscar Urizar for Buyouts Insider, publisher of peHUB and producer of PartnerConnect events.