InTandem and the creation of its Vivo Infusion platform, Iconiq is back with its next growth flagship

Iconiq goes back to market with a new fund.


How are things looking this week, outside of the constant bad news flowing out of Ukraine? We’ve been immersed in talking to folks about fundraising, which has been described as “drinking from a firehose” and “drowning in re-ups”.

But first, the deal stuff:
Infusion: We have a story today on the Hub about InTandem Capital’s creation of Vivo Infusion, which provides infusion and injection care for patients with compromised immune systems, infectious disease and other medical conditions.

InTandem combined MPP Infusion Centers and ID Consultants earlier this month to create Vivo, writes Aaron Weitzman on the Hub.

The idea started with a simple thesis of alternative site delivery of infusion services, but that quickly evolved into one based around the ambulatory infusion center, writes Aaron.

“The reason why we like the AIC model is that it offers a unique value proposition to balance the needs of constituents in the ecosystem,” said Brad Coppens, senior managing director at InTandem. “There are a few things happening in the sector: there is a wave of newly approved pharmaceutical therapies that are going through FDA, a large percentage of which are infusible therapies. Many of these therapies have important clinical outcomes, but they can have an enormous cost toll on the healthcare system.”

Read more here on PE Hub.

Fast: In the crazed fundraising environment where firms come back in under a year after closing the prior fund, I present to you Iconiq Capital, known for managing the fortunes of tech billionaires.

Iconic is back in market with its next growth flagship fund, targeting $5.75 billion, according to information from the New Mexico State Investment Council meeting Tuesday. Iconiq closed the prior growth fund last year, which was targeting $3.75 billion. I’m not clear how much it raised as Iconiq is not very talky.

An interesting wrinkle is that Fund VII will do some cross-fund investing, which raised a concern for at least one board member. The fund has the ability to make cross-fund investments into Funds V and VI as the firm looks to invest in portfolio companies that continue to grow.

“Companies are staying private for longer,” said Iconiq senior vice president Lee Hunold at the meeting. Read more here on Buyouts.

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